2nd Day, Feeling Good


I am a little worried because I have felt really good the past 2 days (with the exception of the HOT-ROX, which will take a few days to get used to) and I hope that does not change. I have read that days 3-5 are going to suck.

Is this a common occurrence? If so what can I do to lessen the effect of the “crash” that comes from a low carb diet without cheating (like eating a few carbs). Maybe meditation? Also is there a chance I wont crash?

Thanks a bunch!


Many people feel great the whole time they’re on the V-Diet, and with lower carb diet in general.

A few who have addictions to things like wheat and milk (which contain exorphins and truly are addictive) may feel withdrawal symptoms the first week or so, but that’s a good sign since I believe those things are best avoided anyway for someone wanting to lean and stay that way.

Most people experience strength gains in the gym and generally feel fine on the V-Diet. It’s not a truly low carb diet like Atkins, so it’s a more pleasant experience if followed correctly.

If you notice any nausea or overstimulation from HOT-ROX, just drink one of your shakes right after taking it. That takes the edge off for those sensitive to it.