2nd Cycle of Velocity Diet

Hi, I am currently doing the velocity diet as part of a “biggest loser”/90 day challenge with my gym. We bodpod 3 times over 12 weeks to see which team loses the highest fat percentage. The question is, I plan on doing the next 90 day challenge as well, along with my girlfriend that time. There will be a two week downtime between the two where I will have finished the Velocity diet and will do some form of the paleo just to stay eating healthy. Would it be beneficial to do the velocity diet again that soon (2 weeks downtime after 3 weeks in “transition phase”), or would it be better to wait longer? I know sometimes the body can only deal with so much, like deloading from lifting occasionally.

If it helps, I started the contest at 195 lbs and 29.4% bodyfat. I believe I will probably able to make use of two cycles of Velocity. Thanks for your help!

nvm - found answer:

yes, after 4 weeks.

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