2nd Attempt at V-Diet

Hi I had great sucess at while doing it first time, but here are my results

80.2kg/ 73.4 Weight in KG ------------6.8kg loss
26.4% / 22.4% Body Fat %
37% / 39.2% Body Muscle %

in pounds

176.8 / 161.8 ----------------15 pounds lost

This is very good result but i am still not where i want to be, Some of the mistakes i made during the V-Diet was the amount of Nepa i did, I felt like i did lot of Nepa but i didnt when i come to think about it.

((10.2 x 154) + 879) x .60 = 1469.88
((10.2 x 154) + 879) x .5 = 1 224.9

1470 Calories on Workout Days
1230 Calories on Non Workout days

Are these Calories Too Low?

Your comments will be much appreciated, i am planning to start of monday and keep going till all my metabolic shakes run out, ive ordered too many at the start

So you weigh 154 now? And you’re male? If so, then you don’t need another V-Diet. You may not be happy with your body composition, but that means you need to lift hard and eat a healthy solid food diet supplemented with shakes.

Remember, the V-Diet is for those who have a good amount of muscle and just need to uncover it. You will NOT be happy with your body if you drop into the 140’s or 130’s.

And what do you mean you didn’t do enough NEPA during your first V-Diet? You lost 15 pounds!

I’m suspicious here. Either you’re a short female, a male “little person”, or you have some body image issues. If you want, post a pic so we can better evaluate the situation. I don’t like to base things on scale weight alone, but I’ve never seen a male weighing in the 150’s who truly needs the V-Diet.

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