28 Days

Good luck…hopefully it doesn’t set you back too much.

good progress is right.

I had umbilical hernia repair surgery done a month ago today (hence the bruising just below my oddly shaped belly button, as well as along my right side). For me, the V-Diet was exactly what I needed to do to slowly make my way back up to big boy numbers.

As for the pec, I was able to do push-ups today (just not the clap variety) for the Challenge. Post-training yesterday I did some empty smith machine bench reps, 4 x 50, followed up with some deep tissue massage and stretching. Certainly still pissed at me during the push-ups but I wasn’t listening.

10 days left…

After 21 Days

Weight: 252 (+1)
Neck: 16 (+0.5)
Shoulders: 56 (-0.5)
Chest-Upper: 47 (0)
Chest-Lower: 46 (+0.5)
Waist-Navel: 37(-1)
Waist-Largest: 39 (-1)
Hips-Largest: 43 (-0.5)
Upper Arm-L: 15 (-0.5)
Upper Arm-R: 15 (0)
Upper Leg-L: 27 (+1)
Upper Leg-R: 27 (+0.5)
Lower Leg-L: 19 (+0.5)
Lower Leg-R: 19 (+0.5)
Ankle-L: 11 (+1)
Ankle-R: 11 (+1)

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