28 Days of Hell Begins

Hello T-nation!!

Starting my first day of V diet! Haven’t been focusing on diet for quite sometime now and before I knew it I am now tipping the scales at 71.9 kg. My height is 5’5 Males and at the end of 4 weeks I expect to be at 65 kgs. My target weight is 58 kg. But will work towards that goal once, I complete this 28 weeks.

I used to be the kind of guy who hits the gym real hard and ate like a refugee. Its time I clean up my act.

Yesterday evening went out and ate everything that I could dream off.

Will keep this thread as journal and keep updating every time I feel I need to have something recorded.

I am very inspired by journal logs maintained by other users, so if you think there is a thread I should read or anything you wish to share please post it here.

I need all your support! Wish me luck,


Hello T-nation

First day was certainly hard, I craved sugar and sweet badly. But somehow managed, surprisingly I was full by the time I had one shake left. But somehow chugged it down. I have heard it gets better on day 2! Will keep posted here.

Day 1: 71.6
Day 2: 71.0

Now then Alcapone,

I hope you are still on track, your 28 days are nearly up! Let us know how your getting on buddy!

I started the diet Monday 17th July- wish me luck mate!


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