28 Days Later


Hi to all,

First off i would like to thank Chris for his informative answers to all the Questions everybody had, that saved me asking them again.

I must say i was sceptic at the begining, and it was tough!! i thought i would never last a week never mind 28 Days.

Anyway heres my logs as of from finishing the V-Diet Yesterday 29-May

Starting Stats

Weight: 85.4 KGs
Waist: 96 cm
Hips: 98.5 cm
Bicep: Left - 31cm / Right - 31cm
Thigh: Left - 55.5 cm / Right - 55.5 cm

Finishing Stats

Weight: 81.1 KGs
Waist: 92 cm
Hips: 93 cm
Bicep: Left - 34 cm / Right - 35 cm
Thigh: Left - 56.5cm / Right - 56.5cm

So all in all, i’m down weight and up in some measurements i wanted to be and down in the ones i really wanted to be.

Heres some Photo’s, don’t be slagging my groovy boxers…lol


Have to put 1 photo at a time up, my computer is soooooooo old


These are my Before








Good progress. Keep it going.