28 Days Later

I have started the V-Diet after a lot of procrastination and weight gain during that procrastination.

Weight in this morning at 119kgs, I hope to lose 10kgs over the 28 days. I tore knee ligaments earlier on this year and I have gained over 7kgs during this eight months. The doc decided not to operate and gave me steroids instead. I will be looking at a future knee replacement in twenty years, great. Not a bad weight gain of 1 kg nearly per month and I enjoyed ever bit of it. I am 192cm in height with a endomorph body type and 36 years old.

I am going to couple this with Dan John 10,000 swings as part of my training. I am worried about the lack of carbs doing this with the 10,000 swings, but with around six weeks to my annual army fitness test. I have no choice and I hope that no choice will spur me on. I don’t think I would be even allow do the test now as my BF must be over 25%, not tested. I will be using the last time I let my weight balloon (following a back injury) and try pass the fitness test motivate me. Passed it by only after the calipers was used to determine BF and the run nearly killed me.

I will be posted up a pictures once I have figured out how to do it. Two shake down and one. hundred and sixty four to go.

don’t wish me luck but rather stick it to me to keep going.

See Dan John has been reading my log. Hey Dan get your own ideas. Only joking, he is a legend. Log up date coming tomorrow.

Weight in today 116.6kg down 2.6kg or around 4.5lbs in three days. Not bad weight loss for it just been water. Two days of 10000 swings give me a total of 1000 swings done. Joined Dan John Facebook challenge for Nov, figured I would qualify even though I started in Oct. Paired the swings with presses (32kg KB) and chin ups over the last few days. Have taken two days off including today as I am duty. Back tomorrow to finish the week with dips, goblet squats and Turkish get ups. For the NEPA just a 30mins of walking each day.

Anyone any idea of the breakdown of the alternative program Dan John gives in his latest blog for the strength moves e g push up and dead lifts.

Weight this morning the same as Thursday morning, took two days off. As I was on duty for 24hrs, I also had my hot meal on the same day topped off with a slice of apple toffee tart.

Back last night training with swings and dips, I would be happy Monday if I came in 116Kg. To be honest if I could sustain around 2.5kg or 4.5lbs each week that would be a success

lads, I have fallen. but I am going to give it another go. this morning 116kg

Glad to see you are giving it another go. I am 16 days in and every day it is easier. You will do it this time.

Saw this since my workout buddy replied.

10,000 swing workout is likely too intense to do with the V-Diet. Bear in mind that you’re hypocaloric. Your workout can be strenuous but think heavier weights and lower reps to create the hormonal situation to spare muscle. Think 30-45 minutes and get out of the gym. DO the Waterbury program that comes with the program.

If you’re taking days off, you’re not letting the V-Diet work for you because you’re not getting the habit forming benefit. There is no toffee apple pie in the HSM on the V-Diet - for the same reason.

Seems like you’re dropping pounds okay, but you’re potentially missing one of the largest benefits of the program and it will contribute to falling off the wagon. Simplicity and repetition are your friend.

Apologize if I’ve missed the point. Let me know if I can help more.

thanks for the reply guys, I was home alone for the first week. so not having to cooking and clean was real easy. since then the family are back and all the temptation with it.

i hear you about the 10,000 swing but with 4,500 down I will finish it now. but you may have a point on the training method, i think i went the swings as they would not cause the knee to flair up before the fitness test.

I did take out the measurement tape this morning to try and focus. Any reading the replies has done wonders for my morale

Well then, buckle down and kick some ass.

Daily log can be a great way to keep yourself accountable. Certainly was good for me on the Indigo program. Seems like that might be something you want to dial up.

Cut out the HSM cheats! Seriously.

Also, think there are lots of potential ways to rehab the knee without surgery - many of which could lead to it being better than it was before the injury. Where in the world, generally speaking, do you live?

Thanks, I live off the west coast of Ireland. I have been working away, feeling like I am losing weight. Monday is weight and measure in

I purchased bulletproof knees manual. But with acl repair done 22 years and 15 years in the army, my knees are only going to be so good. I am trying to sort the up stream and down stream joints to reduce the stress on my knees. Thinking about learning to chi run, as i will need to run with the job. But I will confining it to when I need to run.

Myofascial release has been a game changer for me. There’s a certain amount you can do, but a practitioner who can do it for you, or more importantly to you, is a huge asset. Have you looked at or ever used it?

I will see is there anyone on the base that can give me rub. cheers

weight myself but only down a 1lb, weight less three days earlier. waist is down nearly 1/2 inch in a week or 10mm on this side of the water. i feel better anyway and I think i will weight less in the middle of the week.

Got up this morning and I am down 1.5kgs since last week,

Good continued positive results. Myofascial release is much more than a rub - probably as close to the pain of childbirth as I’m ever likely to get when done right in the right location. Nothing I’ve ever experienced as effective at solving long term repeating injuries though when coupled with smart training.

weighted in this morning 114.4kg, i have been failing to keep to the program. I am going to call a halt to the velocity diet, but try keep it going with real food and some supplementation. Thanks for the support

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