28 days later


will I turn into some kind of rage virus zombie?
It’s the morning of day 2 as I write this and I’m thinking the answer will be yes, lol.

A little bit about me:
I’m a 28 year old male who has spent the last 15 months cutting from 339.4 to 256 through exercise and a common sense dietary approach heavily influenced by Dr. John Berardi and his book, The Metabolism Advantage. Unfortunately, I’ve plateaued at this weight for about 2 months now and need to make some changes to get un-stuck. At the same time, my brother is getting married in just over a month and my girlfriend is starting the liquid diet for bariatric surgery. (She’s a different forum post altogether, I tried to stop her…) So there are a lot of things that line up quite well with the 28 days of v-diet at this point in my life.

Things that I’m adding/changing (I know, I know, how dare you…):
I’ve added the greens plus and BCAAs once per day into this v-diet protocol between meals as calorically cheap nutritional insurance. I’m taking in about 10 fewer calories worth of peanut butter at night to offset this. (This is mostly because the nutrition label gave 200 calories for 32 grams and I’m too lazy to work out the grams needed for 210 calories worth.)
I’m also taking a multivitamin.
I’ve been working with a trainer since last year so we’ve altered my workouts a bit to more closely follow the plan outlined for the v-diet. I’m dropping my post lifting cardio intervals for the NEPA walks. Given the drastic calorie reduction from what I’m used to, this change was a godsend.
I started taking Brazilian Jiu Jitsu last week. Since new students don’t have to roll hard for the first month or so, I figured it would go well as a NEPA substitute for those days.
I’m following the plan on the assumption that I’m 210lbs. As I’m morbidly obese I really don’t see a problem with this. Plan 4 from the calculator is just closer to what I can actually force myself to consume. It’s not a huge difference calorically, I just know from my previous experience that I have a hard time getting 3 scoop shakes down.

With day 1 in the books, I have a few things to observe:

I’m very thankful that I’ve played around with intermittent fasting in the past. Spending entire days sipping nothing but water, greens plus, and BCAAs while my friends eat in front of me has helped prepare me for this.
I think I’m having a reaction to the Flameout. I’m allergic to seafood and while the allergy is supposedly to proteins and not to fats, I’m still getting odd tingling reactions after taking it. I’ll experiment a bit more with this by avoiding it the rest of the day today to see if it goes away. I haven’t had this reaction from other fish oil supplements. Go figure…
I’m developing a great 2.5 hour timer as that seems to be when I’ll get hungry after a shake. Yesterday though, I found myself ready for sleep but still needing to take that bedtime shake. That was a struggle to get down and honestly, I left out the third scoop of protein.



and now on to the measurements from day 1:

height 5’8"
weight 256
neck 16.5
shoulders 20 (according to GF this is a dressmaker’s measurement. outside of delt from L to R)
chest Upper 44.75
chest Lower 45
waist Navel 47
waist Largest 48.5 (sagging skin from the 340-255 cut this last year)
hips 47
UA L 16
UA R 16
UL L 29
UL R 28.5
UL at largest 30.25 (I wanted to throw in a measurement of the sagging skin area)
LL L 17.25
LL R 17.25
ankle L 10
ankle R 10

so, my unflexed calves are larger than my unflexed arms… kill me.


I tend to weigh myself daily. I don’t obsess over it, I just like to know. I’m well aware of the day to day fluctuations that occur.

day 2: 252.8


Just figured out that it’s 33.6 grams for the 210 calories of PB. guess all i have to do is lick the fork when I’m done dosing it out.


before pics


Good luck :slight_smile: Are you taking the HOT-ROX as well?


Day 3: 250 lbs (somewhat dehydrated so I may be back up tomorrow)

Day 2 notes: Friends went to the pool. I said to hell with it and swam for 30 minutes continuously and made that my NEPA. Seemed a little bit harder than the 40 minutes of treadmill hill walking I did on day 1.


[quote]Grumpig Hunt wrote:
Good luck :slight_smile: Are you taking the HOT-ROX as well?[/quote]

no, i’m very stimulant sensitive.


Day 3 notes:

I probably won’t be updating every single day, we’ll see.

NEPA was a walk to the grocery store and around the block, totaling just over 40 minutes.

I’ve had a persistent headache the last two days. No luck on the Flameout. Switching to my usual fish oil supplement. I was a little hungrier today, we’ll see how my first workout on this protocol goes tomorrow.


day 4 so far:

248.6 lbs (shocking how much water/glycogen a fat guy can have on him, lol)

i’ve developed an eyelid twitch/tic starting yesterday afternoon. no idea why, maybe stress?

I’m living my life and just plugging along. Very excited to see one of the tubs of vanilla is almost gone. The strawberry is NOT my favorite, lol. Chocolate isn’t bad, haven’t tried the banana yet. Vanilla + ground allspice is tasty.

I noticed last night that i’m still having difficulty getting that last shake down despite my absolute adoration of peanut butter.

As far as craving changes… well, i ate pretty damn clean just a bit too much before doing this, so i’m craving the same old stuff i was having before: plain sweet potato, sauteed kale and chicken breast.

i would kill everyone in this room for a plate of that right now.


I should add that I started prescribed vitamin D supplementation along with this diet as I was deficient according to my doc. It should help me retain muscle and up my testosterone (which was slightly above the minimum to be treated but still low for a 28 year old active guy).


first workout done. i totally screwed up and failed to do the nepa stuff earlier so i was stuck slugging it out on the stationary bike after lifting. fuuuuuuuuu

felt ok, not my best but that’s to be expected.

freaking original flavor Surge is disgustingly sweet. i had to dilute the hell out of it.

edit: stationary bike, not treadmill. I tried the treadmill but wasn’t feeling it.


Day 5 am weight: 247.1

BJJ tonight. Hopefully I don’t die. I’m pretty much accustomed to not “eating” at this point, just tired of always ingesting sweet things. Mustard doesn’t really have significant calories, I can take shots of that, right??? lol.


Day 6:

Haven’t weighed myself yet. I suspect it may be up due to last night’s culinary misadventure.

So I made “ice cream” from the pre-bed shake. Peanut butter + 2 scoops vanilla Metabolic Drive and left it in the freezer. Topped with a healthy dose of sea salt and a touch of sugar free chocolate syrup. Tasty as hell though I obviously added 15 calories from the syrup. I’m not really freaking out about it though since i’m one meal plan lower than I was supposed to be. Those 15 calories won’t mean anything between the meal plan and getting my ass kicked at BJJ yesterday.

Incidentally, the class went well, though I didn’t have a ton of gas for the warmup, still managed to keep ahead of a few of the… “less motivated” students.


Last night was my second dose ever of 50,000 IU of vitamin D from the doc. Side effects: constipation. that plus that salt from the “ice cream” and I’m pretty sure I’ll be up in weight this AM. will edit later with weight.

edit: day 6 weight is 247.6 boo hoo, IDGAF.

Workout part deux tonight… “I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass… and I’m all out of bubblegum.”


Despite the pseudo ice cream of last night I’m starting to not give a shit about tasting this stuff anymore. I just slug it down to get it over with and move on with life. The GF goes in for surgery tomorrow so I’ll be having my first HSM that night while she’s unconscious after surgery. I’m thinking of going mostly paleo when this is over (not that I wasn’t mostly there before, i just need to move away from the brown rice and quinoa, i think).

Having the shakes has made me realize the importance of having your food planned out to the gram. Life is easier when there’s little guesswork. I need to look into bulk cooking my food and portioning/freezing it for the work week.


what a shit day, lol. sudden gi upset left me running for the restroom earlier today, got stuck late at work and i ended up at the gym without surge or anything in my belly for the last 3-4 hours. fuuuuuuu. performance was… not the best. didn’t feel great. presently nursing a scoop of surge and the peanut butter from tonight’s shake.

the rest of the day and tomorrow will be better.


just got the girlfriend back from the hospital. took way longer than i thought. spent most of this day without nutrition and i’m all fucked up at the moment. major GI upset from what i’m guessing is my HSM yesterday evening. will update more later on.


Day 9 (7/21/12): Weight 247.1 Still some GI upset. did the workout, missed the nepa on days 7,8 and 9 from my misadventure sitting at her bedside in the hospital and then my own recovery from nasty GI symptoms.

Day 10: Today’s my first day feeling “normal” (well, vdiet normal). Weight: 246.3 Looks like things are still chugging along nicely. About to have breakfast. Girlfriend is improving but still can’t join me for nepa fun. I tell you that if I had to choose between a month of v-diet and a month of pre and post bariatric surgery liquid diet I’ll take the v-diet.

now, let’s see if i say that in a week and a half when she’s having pureed “real food” and i’m still slugging these fucking shakes…

edit: date of day 9 corrected.


Nobody warned me that having steak for the HSM on thursday would wreck my shit… I even took my time eating it but damn did my stomach hurt for 2 days after…