28 Day Results

04/06/2009 05/03/2009
Height: 6?4? Height: 6?4?
Weight: 246 Weight: 227
Neck: 19 Neck:19
Shoulders: 54 Shoulders: 55
Chest: 45 Chest: 46
Waist: 36 Waist: 33
Stomach:38.5 Stomach:35
Hips:44.5 Hips:42
Thigh R:26.5 L:27 Thigh R:26 L:26
Calf R:16.5 L:16.5 Calf R:16.5 L:16.5
Ankle R:10 L:10 Ankle R:10 L:10
Bicep Flexed R:18 L:18 Bicep Flexed R:18 L:18
Forearm R:13 L:13 Forearm R:13 L:13
Wrist R:7.5 L:7.5 Wrist R:7.5 L:7.5

Nice job guy!

Dude, that’s an impressive change. I am definitely encouraged, as I just started yesterday.

Cain, that avatar is too funny! (I had to watch it a few times to figure it out.)

Nice Job!

Thats a pretty solid 227 lbs. Way to stick with it and show us hows its done.

Great work! Obliques really came out!

Wow, you really took ur physique to the next level, you look fucking awesome. Keep it up

damn dude, nice work!

killed it…

Thanks for the kind words. I considered taking the picture post workout, muscles full and all, but felt cold and flat would be a more accurate depiction. Even though I think, in person, you see a lot more of the subtle changes that don’t convey in a picture.

Anyway, I’m happy with the results.

very impressive.

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