265lbs the Limit?



Was just wondering why 265lbs was the upper limit?

For a lengthy period of time, I have been in between 280-300lbs however after 2 bouts of surgery this year, I now myself at my lowest weight since I was 19- approx 265lbs-270lbs. I am happy to be at a lighter weight, however I know it’s the age-old dilemma of losing weight vs losing body fat. For the obvious reasons I wish to lose solely body fat. The V-Diet seems appropriate. Furthermore do you distribute to UK?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. For too long, I have been going through the motions, training poorly, eating just as bad. I wish to maximise my potential and hence I am here.


Use, we deliver to the UK.

If you are very tall and very muscular – an “outlier” in other words – then you can “lie” to the V-Diet calculator and put in 265 or 264 and follow that plan. If not, then the V-Diet is not recommended for the very overweight.



At what body fat percentage would you consider too high to do this diet?



I don’t like to think in numbers too much. So basically, if someone is very overweight there’s probably a lot of other things they could do to drop much of that initial extra body fat, THEN use the V-Diet to further progress, break a plateau, fine-tune etc.

The V-Diet is pretty extreme, it’s dietary rehab. But maybe the very overweight person doesn’t need that just yet, but instead something easier and more simple, like the 100 Gram Carb Cure:

Or they could just drop wheat foods and change nothing else. That’ll get the fat coming off and start changing some dietary behaviors and habits.

After that, the V-Diet is a good option.