23yr Old 6' 225lbs Before Pics


I’ll be putting the VDiet to the test starting sunday, so I figured I’d throw some before pics up since I’m not doing anything at work right now. Monday I’ll have measurements and better pics. But right now, I am 6’ 225lbs and calipered at 16% BF. I’ll be doing the Vdiet exactly how it is laid out with the supps and the training. I’ve got hypothyroidism, hypogonadism, adrenal fatigue and I’m pre-diabetic so I’ll be putting the diet to the test lol. I plan on finishing the 6 weeks, doing a variation of the warrior diet for 2 more weeks and doing the Vdiet a second time. Sorry about the bad pic quality, they’ll be better monday.


side pic


back pic


So I want to apologize for not keeping updated like I should, I’ve been apart of that big power outage in Ohio for the last few days and havent had access to the internet as a result. I did happen to get my measurements taken monday, and I’ve been doing everything exactly as I am supposed to.

Everythings going good so far, I’ve gone from 225.5lbs to 219lbs(both morning weight) since sunday. The first two days I was VERY bloated in the evenings but I’ve had zero bloat since tuesday and I havent been hungry AT ALL which was surprising. As expected I had been craving junk foods, I still wasnt hungry but all I could think about was eating wendys fries or taco bell haha. I’ve been reading about the Vdiet for a few weeks now and I know its supposed to change your eating habits and cravings, something I’ve been very skeptical about but I’m only on day 5 and I’m already noticing a change. Part of my first HSM was a steak slow cooked with peppers, and ever since then all I can think about is banana peppers lol I was extremely skeptical about the entire taste buds changing thing but I can honestly say I think it might work.

As for the shakes themselves, I absolutely love them I look forward to them all day especially the ones with superfood and flaxseed(i like em thick). So yea I’m only on day 5 but everything seems to be going awesome for me. Oh and the workout routine, I chose to do the advanced routine and I can tell you I’ve got my work cut out for me. I think the Vdiet might turn out to be exactly what I needed, very happy so far.

Measurements: Day 1

6’ 225lbs 15.9%BF

Neck: 16.25
Shoulders: 50
Chest: 44.875
Waist: 38.25
Hip: 44.75
R Arm: 15.5
R F-Arm: 12.875
L Arm: 15.625
L F-Arm: 12.5
R Thigh: 26.5
R Calf: 17.25
L Thigh: 25.5
L Calf: 17.25


So im on day 6 today and i had to wake up at 4:30am for work. I decided to just drink water and do my first shake at 8am so my last one wouldnt be too early this evening and i wouldnt get hungry through out the night. I figured id get hungry before 8am, but i didnt at all. But today is going good up to this point, my energy is still here, im still not getting hungry and i havent had any cravings for solids at all.

I do have a couple questions though. Concerning my training, would i be OK to add a few more arm lifts in through out the week? Not trying to be the pretty guy, its just that my arms are SO lacking and always have been and i figured during this diet would be a perfect time to put some more time in on them. My other question is about post transition phase. Ive found that i really enjoy being on the Vdiet so im thinking of adding on a third week of phase 2 transition and then jumping right back in to another round of Vdiet? The reason im asking this now is that im kind of on a budget so i could go ahead and start ordering what i needed ahead of time.

At the moment im putting together a cookbook for myself from all the recipes on HSM/Recipes so after my second Vdiet id be doing 2-3 HSM with 2-3 metabolic drives for awhile depending on how close i am to my goals at that point. Any thoughts or input appreciated, flames welcomed(they sometimes have good points) =)

Oh and my weight has stayed the same from yesterday to today, maybe tomorrows will be different after i bust my ass in the gym tonight.


Just worked out, and i must say that was the most badass pump Ive ever had!!! A friend walked up to me and said “can i have some?” lol… I felt so strong too i didnt want to stop at all :frowning:


Looking forward to following!



Thanks! So last night was the first time in years i havent been bloated in any way before i go to bed, i had a visible 4pack which was very motivating. The only thing is that last night was the first time i have been hungry since starting V-Diet, and oddly i woke up this morning hungry and bloated? I took my first shake at 7:30 and shortly after the bloat and hunger went away so thats good.

Today is Vchallenge day, thats all ive been thinking about this morning is completely bustin my ass. Maybe its just placebo but i feel more energetic and focused daily, im still in my first week and solid foods dont even cross my mind except for planning my HSM which i find very exciting. Next week i even swapped a day of work with a co-worker because i have some friends that want to have a HSM dinner with me which is kind of kool. They’ve all been really supportive too, i beg them to go ahead and eat in front of me but they wont at all lol its funny they just kind of hold out until im not around.


This probably isnt the best place to post something like this, but i figured i would go ahead to see if i could get some advice. My lower legs below my calves hold water and it makes that area really tender, especially when im active it becomes really sensitive to the touch. Id go to a doc to check it out but i wont have insurance until november, so im just going to upload 2 pics in case someone might have some advice for me on what could be causing this or maybe what could help it. I also get shin splints like no other, so yesterday i ordered a pair of vibram shoes and shin splint sleeves, hopefully that will help some.


The first pic is what it just normally looks like, the second pic is me barely pressing it and it feels tender. Had i just got done playing a few games of ball, i wouldnt have been able to squeeze it that much =( heres the 2nd pic


Just done every rep of the Vchallenge and it seriously kicked my ass, this pic is right after i got done. For some reason though the first 3-4 circuits my abs were popping like crazy, then i got bloated towards the end? But yea so far so good, i def feel much leaner.


I was hungry again last night and this morning, i dont know why thats been happening because i havent changed anything up. Its not making things tougher though, its actually really motivating its giving me a reason to stay focused. Today its hot as hell outside, perfect day for NEPA and a tan =) just another battle for me to win today

“Look up, get up and donâ??t ever give up”


Whoa… im down 4lbs from yesterday, if you dont account for fluctuations the lowest ive dropped since day 1 is 11lbs and today is day 8. Vchallenge yesterday must have really done a number on me, i was so damn sore this morning.


We’ve got a pretty similiar build (5’11 @ 210 here) and I’m looking forward to seeing how you turn out!


Are you going trying the V-Diet too njrusmc? And im looking forward to the end result too lol…


Huge damper on my mood the last couple days, my bitch ex fiance keeps trying to get ahold of me after not speaking to me for 3months -_-

About to go on my NEPA walk, hopefully it will help me clear my mind. And i decided to order more MD and HOT-ROX to start building up my supply for a second round, i love being on this diet too much.


So yesterday I had my HSM… WOW, i tried to make the cauliflower pizza that Chris posted a recipe for and i’m not just saying this but it was by far one of the best pizzas ive ever had. My parents and some friends tried it and want me to make it again next week.

Next week though i’ll be running into a little snare and was needing advice on what to do. My HSM day is on wednesday but i have a family re-union that saturday. I didnt know if i should just do a regular HSM day and just tough it out saturday or if i should just hold out and make a gourmet for myself on that day, although sadly i’d probably have to eat 2-3 HSMs because the smell of all that home cookin’. I’ve even considered going late on saturday so all the food will be gone lol but any advice on this would be awesome.

I’m also down 12lbs at this point(this is day 12 =) and that was my evening weight after 3 shakes and an HSM yesterday, so far so good. My vibram shoes and shin splint sleeves are in so i’ll be able to up my NEPA daily without too much holding me back.


day 13


I’ve been so tired yesterday and this morning, and I hardly slept last night from having such bad gas and cramping lol idk why that started happening. I also went UP 3lbs since yesterday and I have no idea what would cause that either.


I think it may be from my sugar levels from being a pre diabetic, thoughts on this anyone? Any advice on what I should do to alleviate this, i’ve felt awesome for the first 12 days and the last 2 days have been terrible. I feel run down and dehydrated but i’ve been putting down at least a gallon of water a day.