22y/o, 230lb, 6'2 V-DIET Sans Training

Hi everyone, no one here likely remembers me. I started out as a husky-section-shopping 14 year old with an appetite for knowledge and guidance and quickly found myself immersed in t-mag, Rugged (for all the old school people) and various other resources.

In that time i’ve gone alternatively from a 6’1, 250lb fatass, to a 140lb guy everyone thought was anorexic, to a 250 not as fat wanna be westsider, to the oscillations i’ve recently assumed. Now, I’m a senior in college and prepping for my January MCAT. it’s been a long way from a kid who was obsessed with charles poliquin and joel marion. but enough rambling, I’m more interested in the black and white and thought I would gain insight and rediscover a little of that drive that has escaped me in the physique department.

I’ll be following everything to a T, since I wanna give the V-Diet an honest test drive. here’s some basic stats, i’m refraining from posting pics since theyre pretty worthless unless the resolution is superior, and a 3.2 mp phone camera is far removed from that. The only thing I won’t be following is the training program since I recently strained my wrist a little and prefer to keep it heavy compounds that I know won’t jack it. Besides, I think the secret to the diet is the re-education aspect of shakies constantly for 28 days. Alas, i’m no role model, to quote LJ23

BF%: ~18
And no, I don’t have a waist measurement, but the arms are at around 16 on each. I’m more interested in how this changes the way I LOOK anyways.

Here’s day one:
11AM shakey
2PM shakey
530PM shakey
9PM shakey
that’s it so far, prolly a 12 a clock shakey and my PB (1.5 oz pre-made packets, which I’m sure is a little off but not enough for me to risk leaving a PB container around here.)

Any specific questions, let me know

Awesome. Looking forward to seeing your results!

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