21st Birthday During V-Diet

I am just finishing up my third day on the diet and things are going very well. However, my 21st birthday is this weekend and I was wondering if one night of drinking would seriously derail my progress. I know alcohol is forbidden, but if it were kept to one night are there any specific measures that can be take to limit the damage done? Obviously not drinking would be best, but you only turn 21 once and I am going to have serious difficulty not going out with my friends and having fun. Any feedback is much appreciated.


Well gosh, it’s a law that you have to fuck up your goals because of a date on a calendar, right? And if your friends are doing it, then you MUST do it too! It’s a rule!

A rule of lemmings.

Seriously, it’s not that “one night” will ruin everything, it’s that that attitude and mental weakness is a cancer. How about you use this date on the calendar to prove that you have what it takes to achieve big goals and not be a weak-willed follower?

[/tough love]

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