20yr Old Female and Indigo-3G

Just a few quick questions before I get started…I just got mine in the mail today!!

A little background…I am 20 years old, 5’1. I CrossFit 5-6 days a week with added cardio and extra strength. I am roughly sitting at about 140lbs right now. I am looking to tighten up and lose a little bit of fat, but also add muscle. I was recommended this product from a friend!

On training days, I workout around 5:30 and eat my pre workout meal around 2:30-3. My pre workout meal usually consists of 30g carbs. During training…I consume 50g carbs and post training, I consume about 35-40. Does this seem too low and correct me if I’m wrong, but I would take Indigo-3G around 5, 30 minutes before training correct?

On rest days my carbs are usually reduced. The bottle says to take 30 minutes prior to dinner, but that is one of my lower carb meals. Is it okay to move the dosage to an earlier meal?

You want to have it a half-hour before pre-workout supplementation, like the SWF. If you’re not having one and just having nutrition during the session, then I’d probably have it before the pre-workout meal because Indigo is in your system and working for up to six hours, so you’d get the most benefit from that pre-workout nutrition.

Yep, you generally want it with a higher carb meal, so that’s fine.

@Chris_Colucci Thank you so much! During my pre-workout meal, I usually have 3-4oz protein along with my carbs. And during workout I have a protein/high GI carb intra drink, then post workout meal shortly after. Take Indigo with my pre workout meal?

Gotcha. Sounds good then.

Yep. Or you can try starting your “during workout” drink shortly before the session, turning it into a “slightly-pre-workout drink”, in which case have the Indigo a half-hour before training.

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