20-30 to Lose, Thinking About V-Diet

Well I have about 20-30 lbs to loose I’m 6’3 250 so I’m really thinking about the V-Diet.

My main concerns are I have a lactose problem I can do a little bit but I have a threshold and when it crosses that its not good.

I’ve been taking Metabolic Drive and it has not caused alot of issues but some.

Next is I have a crazy schedule some days up at 6am and sometimes not sleep until 1 or 2 so I’m not sure how my shakes would plan out as of yet.

I’m not sure I guess I’m just rambling. at least thanks for reading.

ok If I do it here is my plan

non-workout days
6:30 2 Metabolic Drive, 2 HOT-ROX Extreme,2 Flameout
10:00 2 Metabolic Drive Flax
1:00 2 Scoops Metabolic Drive,1 T Milled Flax,2 HOT-ROX Extreme
4:00 2 Scoops Metabolic Drive,1 T Milled Flax, 2 Flameout
7:00 1.5 Scoops Metabolic Drive,2 T Organic Natural PB
10:00 2 scoops of Metabolic Drive

even with this I think I need 200 more Cals right during the day?
workout days

6:30 2 Scoop Metabolic Drive, 2 HOT-ROX Extreme, 2 Flameout
8:30 2 Scoops of Metabolic Drive,2 T Milled Flax
10:30 2 Scoop Metabolic Drive
12:00 2 Scoop Metabolic Drive,2 HOT-ROX Extreme,2 Flameout
2:00 2 Scoop Metabolic Drive
5:00 Workout
6:00 2 Scoops Surge PWO (330)
7:00 2 Scoops of Metabolic Drive,2 T Milled Flax
9:00 2 Scoops of Metabolic Drive,
11:00 2 Scoop Metabolic Drive

How does this look 2 u folks?

Hey Bus, 9 shakes sounds like a lot to me. I started at 242 and I only do 5 or 5.5 a day. Most of the time 5, I knock off the half because I needed to lose more but it still kept me above the >35 V plan. Also if you think you are coming up short don’t forget to add the flax, fiber tabs and PB to you cal count. My PB is about 180cals a serving I think.

As far as the schedule goes, just make sure you get all of the shakes in. I have days like that working a 12hr swing shift and it took me a while to figure it out but it can be done.

Hope this helped a little.

Ok I need some help adding all the numbers Up what is the best way I’m a 250lbs guy

I am no expert on this diet but, as far as I know, you should be getting:

(10.2250+879).5 = 1715 cals on low days

(10.2250+879).6 = 2057 cals on work out days

1 scoop of MD is about 110 cals
so 10 scoops is 1100 cals already.

4 Flame out is 52 cals.
1100 + 52 = 1152.
So on non work out days you have 563 cals left to divide it up as you see fit.

With Surge Recovery 330 cals.
1152 + 330 = 1482.
you have 575 cals left on work out days.

Sorry I don’t use milled flax or natural PB, so I can’t help there.

Hope this helps.

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