2 Years No Training - Do the V-Diet?

First post.

For the last 2 years I have not touched a weight in the gym, road a bike, or done any physical activity.

Put on at least 15 lbs of fat, severely depressed, and life really kicked me in the ass. (boo hoo)

Previously trained for 10 years and even competed in college at about 185. My highest weight was about 230 lbs, built but still a good amount of fat.

Im 5 10


36 inch waist.

I have a knee problem that clicks when i walk up stairs (pain under the kneecap) and feel a dull pain in it. Yes, it was checked out and he could not find anything wrong with it (he would NOT give me an MRI).

I’ve read a plethora on the v diet and people have gotten some great results. And I’m sure the muscle memory will kick in too one I get back into the gym.

Is it me or other people feel embarrassed walking into their old gym and you see people that you know but dot even want to look them in the eye because of how far you have regressed?

Would it be a bad idea to start training again for the first time and starting the v diet on the same day?

Complaining/rant is over.

Thanks for any advice.

I was in the same boat as you were this time last year man. Was a collegiate athlete then let 5 years of shitty eating and desk job overpower me. Hadn’t worked out in that timespan. Put on quite a bit of weight.

Picked up the V-Diet, lost the gut, gained some strength, and haven’t looked back. I highly recommend it (as long as you are healthy enough to do a weight training program, which I imagine most people are).

To your point about gaining 15 pounds of fat though, I would guess its much more than that. If you’ve only gained 15 pounds, you’ve probably lost muscle and gained fat in its place. Not to put a damper on your mood, just to help you understand that you’ve got some work ahead of you.

Look forward to seeing if you take the plunge or not. But I wouldn’t advise anything else. As Shugart says, the slow and steady approach just doesn’t work.

15 lbs on the scale but I know its more because of the reasons you mentioned. My legs were always really solid but turned to mush.

The excessive body hair that starts in your 30’s (if you’re prone to it) is another slap in the face.

Thanks for all the advice.

Since you were in a similar situation as I am/was do you GAIN any muscle on the diet?

And any last advice?

Here is my log from last year, when I did it starting completely untrained:

According to the digital BIA bathroom scale, I put on a couple pounds of muscle, but those things are notoriously inaccurate, so who knows. And truthfully, it doesn’t fucking matter. The diet is only a month. You’ve got plenty of time to worry about gaining muscle afterwards. I mean, you’ve gone this long without worrying about how much muscle you’re gaining, why stress about it now? Just do the diet to get your cravings & eating habits under control, improve your insulin sensitivity, be awesome, then go worry about putting on muscle.

A nice side benefit of bulking after a calorie restricted diet is that your muscles literally explode afterwards due to the rebound effect. Just keep it clean and bust your ass on a good program and you will be good to go.

I agree with you 1000% on all of your points.

At the end of the day it’s what you look like in the mirror, but the #'s just reinforce what the reflection shows.

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