2 Weeks In


I’ve been on the V-Diet for 2 weeks now. Here are the measurements so far. My pics are on my Ipad and I don’t know how to post them here.

Personal History:

  • Athletic background, played college football, heaviest weight was 240lbs @ 23%bf
  • DL PR: 345lbs (3yrs ago)
  • Sqt PR: 315lbs (8 yrs ago, haven’t tested since)
  • Bench PR: 340lb (8yrs ago)
  • Currently in the Army and deployed to AF. I really enjoy powerlifting and am familiar with the conjugate method of training.

1.) Recomposition, specifically in the abdomen and upper legs.
2.) DL 1rm: 2 x BW & 250bs x 50
3.) Sqt 1rm: 2 x BW & 225lbs x 50
4.) Bench 1rm: 1.5 x BW & 225 x 30

                       Day 1           Day 15

HT: 6’4"
WT: 213.5lbs 211lbs (-2)
Neck: 14" 14.5" (+.5")
Shldrs: 46.5" 46" (-.5")
Ch Up: 40" 39" (-1")
Ch Lw: 38" 37" (-1")
Wst @ N: 36" 33" (-3")
Wst @ lrg: 38" 34.5" (-3.5")
Hips @ lrg: 41" 40.5" (-.5")
Up Arm L: 14" 15" (+1")
Up Arm R: 14" 14.5" (+.5")
Thigh L: 23.5" 22.5" (-1")
Thigh R: 23.75" 22.5" (-1.25")
Low Leg L: 14.5" 13" (-1.5")
Low Leg R: 14.25" 14" (-.25")
Ank L: 8.25" 8.5" (+.25")
Ank R: 8.25" 8.5" (+ .25")
V Challenge: 51:20 30:00 (- 21:20)

Diet: V-Diet with the following exceptions:
1.) No Leucine. For some reason, when I entered my information (at which time I weighed 217lbs) Leucine did not populate for the purchase. I didn’t catch it until the supplements arrived. I’m currently in Afghanistan and it takes over 10 days for mail to arrive and I wasn’t able to wait for it to arrive before starting.

      2.)  PB has sugar.  The PB I had shipped over has 3g of sugar per 180c serving.  Once again, I don't have access to a grocery over here.

      3.)  No fiber tablets until Day 15.  Similar situation as with the Leucine and PB.

Training: Advanced Program with a training partner to monitor intensity and rest intervals.

1.) Why has my weight only dropped 2lbs? Am I in a potential “weight homeostasis” here? I’ve dropped 3 to 3.5" off of my waist and appx. 1" off each thigh. However, with the exception of my upper arms, the other muscle measurements have also decreased. The variables that I can think of that might be affecting this are:

                      a.)  No Leucine resulting in less muscle growth resulting in not seeing the increase in metabolism that the added muscle would produce.
                      b.)  Sugar in PB.  Is 3g of sugar a day preventing a more rapid transformation?  I tend to be historically carb/insulin sensitive.
                      c.)  Lack of defecation.  My bm have all but ceased, maybe once ever 2-3 days in small amounts, and I'm extremely gassy.  Will fiber tablets help?
                     d.)  NEPA walks.  These don't come into play until the transition phase, right?  I haven't been doing them and just want to make sure.
                     c.)  Shake intervals.  I tend to be somewhere between 2.5 to 3 hrs between shakes. 



NEPA is to be done everyday with the exception of the v-challenge day. Hope that helps.