2 Weeks In


Been following this diet for around 2 and a half weeks - only just realised there is a training log forum. So far everthing has gone great, weighed in at 93kg (205lbs) on the first day and weighed in at 85kg today (189.5).

While i realise that my lack ofbefore pictures or measurments makes my contribution less valuable, i think those who lift will find my experience helpful as Ive yet to lose any strength (i have been testing maximal lifts while on the diet). So far I’ve noticed no strength loss at all in any of my main lifts (bench stable at 100 kg for 5, deadlift stable at 180kg for 5, yet to test squat) and PRs in new lifts such as the overhead squat, pullup and dip. Ive also been doing some of the greyskull 10 minute conditioning workouts too (burpees, KB swings etc), in order to help maintain my fitness and this has not seemed to impact recovery.

I’m hoping to get down to around 82kgs by the end of the transition period, but would be happy to be at 84, as this was the weight i started at before i began lifting seriously 4 months ago. Anyway, I’ll try and update this log as frequently as I can - documenting my strength gains (or losses) while posting my weight as it continues to fall!


Right, week 3 end. Weight was 85kg this morning (down from 93kg). Havent really stuck to the programme exercise wise as ive been doing conditioning and a slightly altered lifting programme. Noticed some minor strength loss today, but im putting that down to glycogen levels - presumably i will regain what ive lost within a few weeks of normal eating. Looking forward to my healthy solid meal tonight, just bought some nice ingredients to make some sushi!


Day 23 and just under 85kg today. Just 5 more days to go then back to solid foods!


Did some measurments today, waist is down to 36inches from about 39-40. Chest is around 43 although im not sure what it was before and neck is 15.5 which seems around average. Pretty happy with these results so far, and people tell me that i have noticably lost weight, so thats a bonus.


Still under 85kg, chasing 84kg. Benched 110 today for a single, which was the same as I did before the programme. Only managed to squat 130 for 3 reps today, but im putting that down to the fact that I did 100 burpees yesterday in 7 mins (new pb!). Today is day 24, so only 4 days after this and then im back to solids.


2 more days to go, just slightly over 84 today so progress in the weight loss area has slowed down. Did some lifting today and still no noticable strength loss - snatched 70kg, which was by pb before the diet. Sweet.


Today is the penultimate day. Finally weighed in at 84kg. Tomorrow is also healthy solid meal day, which I guess makes this the last day of the diet propper. I highly recommend this to anyone interested in losing a lot of fat quickly and maintaining strength. Not really craving food at all really.

I could quite happily continue this diet for a while longer, which i guess speaks wonders for its ease. Dreading the transition phase, as I think things will become much more difficult when I have to control my portion sizes and food intake.


[quote]ljordan1 wrote:
I could quite happily continue this diet for a while longer, which i guess speaks wonders for its ease. Dreading the transition phase, as I think things will become much more difficult when I have to control my portion sizes and food intake.[/quote]

If you are like me, you will be suprised on how quickly your body is full in the transition phase. It really doesn’t take a whole lot of solid food for your stomach to send the signals that it is full. Just eat slow, enjoy your HSM, and you should be pleasantly suprised on your newfound ability to self-regulate portion control.


Thanks - i’ll bear that in mind. Just made way too much sushi for one man to handle - so i guess i’ll eat today’s meal really slowly and try to spread it across a few days. Today was the final day of the diet, I weighed in at 84kg exactly. In my workout I deadlifted an easy 180kg for 5 (my max before the diet) just to see how much strength I might have lost.

Also did 8 sets of 4 at 87.5kg for bench (started smolov this week as i thought that I could handle it, even if I was only eating 5 shakes a day). I think people really underestimate what their bodies can do on a defecit.


First day of transition phase. Weight - 84kg, waist - 35.5. Hoping to lose a further 4kg in the coming months.


Transition day 3. Ive managed to lose a further kilo, so im down to a solid 83 (in the morning im slightly under this number). Squatted 150kg today for a single, so thats only a 10kg strength loss. Every other lift has held steady, so im putting my loss of strength in the squat to the fact that I probably went to light on my overhead squats and front squats when i was doing the programme workout.

Ah well, i’m doing a peaking phase now, so my squat should be back up to par within 2 weeks. Smolov jr for bench going well, having no issues recovering yet - got all my reps today after adding 5kg to last weeks percentages.


Still going strong, just under 83kg today.


82 today. Another 2 kilos in a week.


Doing great. By now, you should notice your energy levels coming back in the gym. With the HSMs every day, you are not on such a large calorie deficit. My advice, take advantage of the energy increase and push yourself, it will only make the gains and fatloss that much greater. Outstanding progress though.


Thanks, im doing loads of heavy squats and bench at the moment, so im pushing quite hard. Weighed in at 81.5 today.