2 Weeks, 10.4 Pounds, and 3 Inches Around Waist


Today is day 15. Started at 249.6 pounds and 43.25" around navel and above navel. 42.5" below navel. Today I measured at 40.5" around and above navel and 40" below. I am shocked by the difference two weeks makes, escoecially around my face. Stength hasn’t suffered at all. Excited to see what the next two weeks brings!


Awesome effort. Wow…


Thanks Jim! I will continue to post progress pics every week.


day 0 compared to day 21 (today). This is a day early but down 13.8 pounds down. 4" around waist.

I am only weighing myself once per week. I think following the scale every day would drive me nuts.


Nice progress buddy. Keep it up.

All the best,