2 Scoops Plazma vs 3 Scoops Anaconda

For budget reasons I’m looking at a choice. I can buy Plazma, but use it predominantly at 2scoop servings/workout session (yielding me approx. 10 sessions per bottle) or I can buy Anaconda and use it at 3scoop servings/workout session (= approx 10 sessions per bottle). As the price point of buying 4 bottles of Plasma vs. 4 bottles of Anaconda are roughly the same, it comes down to how long those supplements are going to last me.

My question is, are 2scoops of Plazma/workout superior to 3 scoops of Anaconda?




After using both supplements, and using them in the manners you suggested, I can say with confidence that two scoops of <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma is superior to 3 scoops of Anaconda. Maybe some other people who’ve used both can chime in too.

I used Anaconda for a long time and now use 2 Scoops of Plazma for every lifting session. I am getting better results from the Plazma. Size and strength are increasing at a slightly higher pace, and my work capacity is much higher. Also I have somewhat more of a pump with Plazma as well. i think you will not be disappointed with Plazma at 2 doses.

buy Plazma. dont mess around.

I appreciate the fast responses, thanks!

I’ve used both as well and agree with Dirkus that my work capacity felt superior on the Plazma, though I’d say my recovery ability was about the same. Still, that was at 3 scoops of Plazma vs. the 2. I guess in the end, the best bet is to try it out and see what works better. Can’t know till I experiment for myself.

[quote]hawkins14 wrote:
buy Plazma. dont mess around.[/quote]


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