2 Rounds of V-Diet?

This is my 4th time doing the V-Diet, or a hybrid version of it, since 2008 and every time has been very successful. With the addition of the 1 HSM a day it makes it much more manageable. In the older version I did always look forward to that peanut butter shake at the end of the day though.

I started a fast/detox 2 weeks prior to kicking off this go round simply because I needed a quick start and quick change. I was at the heaviest I have ever been due to being out of the gym bc of a nagging shoulder injury and laziness. Add in a piss poor diet and enough alcohol to make an Irishman blush on St Pattys Day and I had ballooned up to around 260-265. I dropped down to 245 by eliminating alcohol, very low carb/high lean protein/healthy fat diet with basic body weight exercises and HIIT for about 2 weeks.

I started the V-Diet late Jan, I am on week 3 and down to 227 at 6 foot 2. I seem to be stuck at this weight for the last week or so but I think that is due to some muscle returning, and I can tell in my measurements. I had ok strength before, Deadlift 355/Squat 285/Bench 225 at 185-190 lbs so doing the beginner program I have been adding weight each week in addition to the 5 second drop in rest periods because my strength seems to be returning rather quickly.

I have been swapping 1 shake for 2 XL HB eggs and 1 serving of steel cut oatmeal w/ a little Metabolic Drive for meal #2 each day and I drop some cals out of the evening shakes on non workout days by only using 1-1.5 scoops of Metabolic Drive because I feel full enough at night.

Take HOT-ROX and all the other supplements as the diet indicates. And I love Plazma. Took some getting used to the taste and I had to mess around with the flavoring a little.

My HSM is lean protein with brown rice or sweet potato and green stuff, like spinach, raw broccoli, etc.

I do have some questions:

My goal weight is 190. I am over halfway there in a little under 6 weeks. So that would mean dropping another 20-25 lbs or so, after this round of the V-diet (I hope to be down in the 215 ish area when this round is over). After I am done with this round of the V-diet would it be wise to cycle in another round using the intermediate workout program or moving on to something else like an Indigo-3G plan, Hypertrophy/fat loss? I feel like another round of V-Diet with the intermediate workout plan may be better as I continue to get my strength back up, but I wanted to ask the expert.

Is it ok to stack Alpha Male with HOT-ROX? Or is that too much of a good thing?

Thanks in advance for both the diet and your answers.

  1. First, I’d advise against a scale weight as a goal. Have a “look” in mind, but a focus on scale weight always backfires in one way or another, and it can be demotivating since scale weight naturally fluctuates. The scale is “dumb.” It doesn’t know the difference between muscle, fat, and glycogen/water. Just something to keep in mind. Mirrors, photos and tape measurements tell a truer story.

  2. With the new V-Diet outlined in the ebook, it’s okay to keep the plan running for longer than 28 days if you’d like. I do think Indigo-3G is the perfect “next” supplement for a V-Dieter as it “fixes” all those underlying problems that lead to weight gain in the first place. So that’s also a good strategy.

But many people just stay in the V-Diet for an extended period because it becomes very convenient. For long term goals, there does need to be more of a maintenance period where the focus is on building muscle. Not a “mass phase” or bulk, just a moderate calorie intake phase with mostly hypertrophy-focused training and some conditioning (like my Predator Conditioning guidelines). In short, you don’t want to stay on very low calories all the time, but cycle between low and moderate. Basically, we “live” in the moderate phase and use the diet phase to keep from slipping up in the fat gain department.

  1. Many people do stack Alpha Male and Hot-Rox. That’s quite a lot of Carbolin 19, the shared ingredient, but doesn’t seem to be too much.

Thanks for the reply Chris.

When I say my goal weight, that’s based on what I know I look like at that weight. Or else what I used to look like. Body composition, fitness and strength are my long term SMART goals. It can be hard not to focus on that scale number after seeing it go so high.

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