2 Months Post V-Diet

just wanted to give an update. I completed the diet 8 weeks ago at 190 lbs (total weight loss 35lbs). Since completing the V-Diet, I transitioned to a clean bulk diet of 3200 cals a day and currently weigh 196. Given that the weight gained is probably a mostly water, it is a testament to the idea that the V-Diet gives sustainable weight loss.

i also finally got my blood tests back:
Cholesterol 144
HDL 44
LDL 90
Triglycerides 46

My cholesterol was:
Cholesterol 176
HDL 22
LDL 146
Triglycerides 199

Pretty dramatic change.

to everyone that is currently doing the diet, good luck. it is worth it.

Great work and thanks for the update!

Evening chris.

First time ive message anyone on T-Nation cos i generally get court up with all the articles however im just about to start on a training programme and diet combination.

I should really start from the beginning. Ive been a personal trainer and run gyms over here in the uk for a couple of years so i have some good basic knowledge. However for the last year due to illness and moving around i have let my training slack off.

im now determine to get right back on it. so i have put together a routine that is a combination of excercises,sets,reps etc. that have worked in the past.

what i lacking in a diet that will really help me gain muscle but not fat. Im current about220lbs about 15% body fat and train 4times a week.

Currently on a diet of 6 egg whites and a bowel of porridge in the morning. a chicken breast and small bowl ofpasta with veg 3 x a day. a protein drink whilst training and recovery drink after training. 6 egg whites for dinner. Im not sure if my calrie intake is enough?

have u any suggestion of what type of diet i should be following? is this lack to many calaries?
a good simple diet would be great help.

hope u can help.


Bodiesuk, check out my Quality Mass Diet here:

Wow OP, that is a pretty good change in number in just a few months. If only people would stop prescribing drugs for stuff that can be taken care of by changing eating habits. Good work.

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