2.5 Days on the V-Diet w/ Questions

Anyone else experience feeling like hell after the first 2 days? I don’t feel like that all the time, but I do go through periods of achiness and the chills. Could just be my body adjusting to the lack of solid foods? I remember when cutting carbs initially I would have almost no tolerance for the cold.

Also, can I combine HRX and my shake for my first meal of the day? So far I’ve been waiting at least 30 minutes after HRX to down morning shake.

The shakes are cold, low carb…that’s normal and happens to most

If you read carefully through one of the stickies, he does mention that HRX is sometimes hard to tolerate on an empty stomach and can be taken with the shake.

I tend to take it, take my time making the shake and start eating about 10 minutes later…

good luck!

Definitely feeling a little better moving into day 4. Stomach feels much better downing the HRX with my first shake in the morning. Still very achy though, it’s almost like I’ve still got that workout recovery pain (from doing deads on Monday, quads still hurt) and it’s taking a long time to go away.

Glad to hear you figured it out!

That’s how I was the first week. The following week, I recovered much faster. Then when I switched to the transition workouts, I was aching again after the Day 1 workout…did it again yesterday, not as excritiatingly painful!

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