1st Week


I won’t lie, my first week on Velocity was tough! I started on Thurs Sept. 22 and the day before I fell to a high ankle sprain while trail running. I debated on postponing the diet, but I had already gone through my mental preparation, so I decided to go ahead and bite the bullet. I was off work with lots of free time and lots of hunger cravings.

The first 2 or 3 days would prove to be some of the toughest. In short, I went to 2 birthday parties, 1 football party and a family dinner. Down here in the South, we love our football and our FOOD!! I don’t have a real sweet tooth but I like my beer, my cheese dip and my fried anything. These parties had an endless supply. I got alot of support from my friends that are like minded. I got alot of that confused look people give you when you tell them you are voluntarily doing something extreme.

They would say, “That’s just stupid!” or, “Why are you doing this, you don’t need to loose weight!” You shouldn’t say that to someone who is having a hunger craving while you are stuffing your face with some fried goodness. I pictured my hand going upside several heads, but never actually did it (I guess that’s a good thing). I survived and never gave in to my cravings. I just kept waiting on my first HSM.

Finally, Day 6. My first HSM. Before that I had my weight in. I was shocked to see my weight down from 228 lbs on the first day to 215 lbs on Day 6! DAMN!! I was proud and that helped me get through the rest of the day waiting on the HSM. My girlfriend and I made the West African Chicken Stew out of Chris’s cookbook. (On a side note: My girlfriend has been wonderful and supportive through all of it! A good support base helps alot if you’re fortunate enough to have it. It is even helping her to eat healthier.)

That stew was nothing short of AWESOME!! I even noticed my taste buds changing in regards to my salt cravings. My girlfriend actually suggested adding some sea salt, and I said it didn’t need it. That’s highly unusual in this house! With Week 1 in the books, and some healthy solid food in my stomach, I was feeling pretty good.