1st V-Diet Log

Ok today I started Day 1 of the diet here is what I am starting out with:

Wt= 184lbs
ht= 5ft 6in
neck= 16in
shoulders= 18in
chest upper= 51.5in
chest lower= 41in
waist navel= 34in
waist at largest= 35in
hips= 41in
upper arm(L/R)= 13in/13in
upper leg(L/R)= 23in/23in
lower leg(L/R)= 16in/16in
Ankle(L/R)= 9.5in/9.5in

I did the prescribed workout at the gym, and it was no cake walk. 30s between sets really challenge me. I started off with 155lbs on front squat, but after 3 sets my speed dramatically decreased and I could only do 1 rep. So I took some weights off, and bump down to 135lbs. I might start off 145lbs next time.

Chin Ups, I got up to 12 reps before I could not pull myself up. So I had to switch over to lat pulldown w/ a weight of 175lbs. The last 2 exercise went off without a problem, although I under estimated how brutal the Ab wheel is. My core is still sore from it.

I notice after the workout that my knees are a bit sore. This might be due to front squat form. Will have to be more aware of it, when I do the exercise. Is there any tips that I can use to take care of my knees?

The shakes are good, but I do feel hungry at times, and the strawberry flavor is well… the least appealing out of all the flavors. Oh well, just have to push on with it then.

As for the NEPA I had a total of 30mins of walking today in the rain. Surprisingly it was pretty fun, navigating my way around ponds of puddles. I guess I’m covered on that.

Pics will follow, just waiting for battery to charge.

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