1st Time

Hey guys,
First day today and so far so good, started the day with a walk which was tough due to the rain this morn, Liked the shakes all day but found the break from 1st to lunch seemed to last forever, this arvo was heaps better. Had a great workout and liked the post workout Surge. very sweet!! looking forward to the bedtime shake with some peanut butter, one of my faves.

   Quick break down of my stats

height 6’ 1
Weight 89kg/ 196lb
neck 41cm
shoulders 126cm
Chest upper 106cm
Chest lower 101cm
Waist at large 91cm
waist at navel 96.5cm
Hips largest 97cm
Upper arm r 36cm
Upper arm l 37cm
Lower leg r 39cm
Lower leg l 39.5
Ankle l 24cm
Ankle r 24cm

Really just looking to lose a couple of those cm around the waist area. Not getting any younger and with a couple of young girls on the go hoping to really get a bit fitter in the process. I have always enjoyed the gym and strength training but since we had our first child nearly four years back haven’t got to the gym at all. Loving being back!
Will update again soon!

Hey guys,
Day two and just had lunch shake, really want some food. feel full enough but cooking for the family this morn and last night was killer. Im sticking in, hopefully it gets easier as the week goes on. Feel pretty good after yesterdays workout, not too sore. Really surprised how quick i got through it with the 40 sec rests. Really makes me think how much of a time waster i have been in the past in the gym. Have managed to get those before shot now, Just some of those great self portraits.

Check in again tomorrow guys

Day Three,
just had my last shake and off to bed. Workout today was good again, upped the weights on all lifts after reading some other posts and really felt it today. Took it out to 7 and 8 sets and down to a single rep on two exercises to get it done. Felt more like it should. Starting to find a routine with the shakes and the craving for food was a little better today.
Check in again soon gang

Day Five,
Hey guys, made it to friday and have to say have been really low on energy since the wednesday workout. Felt really muscle tired yesterday. Played golf today and thought i would use this as my NEPA by walking 18 holes which i usually do. The course is pretty steep and by the end i really struggled in places where i normally breeze it.

Just home now having a rest and trying to get up for the workout. I would have to say i have never felt so fatigued. Anyone else experienced this in the first week. Am i overdoing the workouts or the NEPA (i really upped the weights on day three but they were still in the 9rm range and the golf walk was way over 6km) or is this just a normal adjustment to the diet. Any help much appreciated guys.

There’s usually a carb-bonking phase in the first week. Once you get through the first week the rest of the diet is pretty easy.

[quote]Tirith wrote:
There’s usually a carb-bonking phase in the first week. Once you get through the first week the rest of the diet is pretty easy.[/quote]

Hey thanks for the replay, Feeling a little better today and so looking forward to my Sunday night HSM. Reply really helped me get through.

Day 8,
Ok guys feeling a lot better in the couple of days since last post. Heaps less fatigued and muscle tired. Feel like the body is starting to adjust to the protein better. Walked 18 holes yesterday and felt good throughout, big improvement on my last round when struggled up the last couple of hills. Had the first HSM last night and it was great. Went with some lean roasted pork shoulder, some roast tomatoes, steamed asparagus and a salad. Instead of having a piece of fruit for desert i had a glass of juice with my meal. I know that pork isn’t in the suggestions for the HSM but i have read some posts on pork around the site and it seemed that this cut should be ok. Any info in this area would be great as pork is one of my favourites. Ill mix it up for the next HSMs with some other cuts. What do you guys think of best lamb cuts. I come from a farm and we grow our own lamb and beef so these are always in high rotation in our kitchen (which is probably why pork is a bit of a treat).

So it time for some measurement and weight updates
height 6’ 1
Weight 86.5kg/191lb -5lb
neck 40cm -1cm
shoulders 126cm -0cm
Chest upper 104cm -2cm
Chest lower 100cm -1cm
Waist at large 88cm -3cm
waist at navel 92cm -4.5cm
Hips largest 96cm -1cm
Upper arm r 35cm -1cm
Upper arm l 36cm -1cm
Lower leg r 39cm -0
Lower leg l 39cm -.5cm
Ankle l 24cm -0
Ankle r 24cm -0

Really happy with these results. has really given me a kick for the upcoming week. the weight loss itself is great but what im most happy with are the measurements around the waist and navel which is where i am carrying the most and my main goal for the diet. Looking forward to the workout today and see what i can do.
check in soon

Day 11,
Hey out there, day 11 and going good. This week has gone a lot quicker than the first. Seemed to have got into a routine and have been cruising from shake to shake and at times have been a little late with some, Not feeling that ‘when is the next one’ feeling all the time. Trained last night and upped the weight on all lifts again. Will try to give a breakdown of the weight increases so far in the next post. It has been pretty good i feel, though i have spent some time out of the gym (2 years) and probably started on the low side. Workouts feel really good and the second week times are definitely making a difference. Leaving the gym feeling like i have really done some work.
Check in again soon

Hey Everyone,

Day 13 and one more day to my second HSM… Yes! This week has really flown and i am feeling ok with everything. In a routine with the shakes now and have not been missing food as much this week. Haven’t planned the hsm for tomorrow yet where as this time last week had that meal planned for three days. Missed my v burn challenge last week on sunday as i had some unforeseen family commitments so i fitted it in on thursday. Got through it in 24m15sec and was pushing moderately hard. I know this is not ideal time to do it but commitments through the week meant this was my only window. I figured it better to fit it in when i could rather than miss all together but it did leave me pretty tired on friday and a bit sluggish at friday workout although i got through it.

Check in again soon guys and gals

Hey People,
Day 15 and time for some measurements again. Had some good results again and am pretty happy. Losing in the area i want to and not where i don’t mostly. Not as hot as first week stats but i expected that.

Weight 85kg/187lb -1.5kg/3.3lb week, total 4kg/8.8lbs
Neck 40cm same total -1cm
Shoulders 126 same total 0
Chest Upper 103cm -1cm total -3cm
Chest lower 100cm same total -1cm
Waist at largest 87cm -1cm total -4cm
Waist at navel 90cm -2cm total -6.5cm
Hips at largest 94cm -2cm total -3cm
Upper arm r 35cm same total -1cm
Upper arm l 36cm same total -0cm
Lower leg r 39cm same total 0cm
Lower leg l 39cm same total 0cm
Ankle l 24cm same total 0cm
Ankle r 24cm same total 0cm

All in all pretty happy. Not too worried about the weight as i feel i have put on some muscle. Still making gains in the gym and really looking forward to each session. Completed my second v burn challenge yesterday and did a 20:35, About three minutes quicker than first one so pretty happy with result, They still don’t call it v BURN for nothing though.

Best to everyone
check in soon

Just a quick note guys,
Am about half way through the diet and have been really researching the nutrition side of the site. Want to be pretty well prepared when i finish and as i am really new to this it has been a huge learning curve ( i knew nothing which is probably how i got into the shape i was in). So i have been trying to put together some eating plans/ menus for myself as practice and was hoping someone out the would have a look at one to give me some pointers. Once finished the v diet i was hoping to go onto one of the split programs on the site( probably one of CT’s routines) With the goal of still getting leaner while gaining more muscle and have loosely based the eating plan on the 100g carbs so i have mainly concentrated on carbs and protein. So here is a one day menu for scrutiny.
3 eggs 888kj carbs 1.2g Protein 19g
1 slice toast 280kj carbs 12g protein 2.3g
Chilli sauce 40 kj carbs 2g
Bacon shortcut 100g 700kj Carbs3g protein 17g

1908kj Carbs 17,5g protein 40.9g

Chicken salad wrap.
One wholewheat wrap 300kj carb 13g protein 2.8g
Chicken 100g 385kj carb 5.8g protein 12.3 g
10g Cheese 140kj
1/2 carrot grated 50kj carb 3g protein -
1/4 Cucumber 45kj carb 2 protein 1g
50 g Lettuce 28kj
Masrerfood hot chilli sauce 40kj carb 2g
1 orange 259kj carbs 15.4g protien 1.3
1248Kj Carbs 33.8g Protein 19.5g

One can tuna 300kj Carbs 1g Protein 14.5g
8 Cheese sakata crackers 271kj Carbs 12g Protein 1g

571kj carbs 13g Protein 15.5g

Steak large 1600kj Carbs 0 protein 64g
Green beans 1 cup 170kj carbs 10g protein 2.4g
2 Yellow Sqash 120kj carbs 4g protein 1.3g
11/2 cups salad 400kj carbs 6g protein 14g
1 green apple 450kj carbs 29g protein .6g
2290kj Carbs 49g Protein 82.9

Bedtime Shake
2 scoops 880kj Carbs 8g protein 40g
1 Tbls Nut butter 587kj
1500kj 8g carbs 40g protein

Daily Total
8130 kj Carbs 98g Protein 198.3

Had trouble making up the caloric count which is where i added the bacon. This is just my first attempt at something like this so any suggestions would be great as i really want to get better at this and be prepared for life post v diet.
Thanks in advance guys

Hi guys,
Day 20 and diet still going strong. Had a bit of at set back with the wotkouts this week. On mondays workout during one of my bench sets i felt a twinge in my left shoulder around the joint itself. Finished the workout but it felt pretty sore after. felt a little better tuesday though still sore on some movements. Really didnt want to stall with my progress so did the wednesday workout with the lighter 14rm weights but it has pulled up really sore again. I changed the friday workout to a leg based workout, adding different squats and stuff to make this a good test. Not sure where to go with this from here. Was thinking i would try to work around it this week doing other exercises (mostly legs and abs). Not sure if i should attempt the V Burn or modify it also? Anyone else experienced this and if so what is the best way to get back.

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