1st Run Through V-Day: Ahhhh!

Hey all,

So I’m on my first day of the V-Diet. I decided to stick through the diet the full 6 weeks (2 weeks taper) to drop some weight for Christmas.

I’m going to document each day, what it’s like, as well as my workouts (I’m following my own routine as I’m dealing with injuries).

So far today, I’ve had 2 shakes (first with flax and Superfood). Had HOT-ROX Extreme in between and can definitely tell I’m not used to the stimulants (was shaky and sweating, but not excessively or cause for concern). I may taper this down if these symptoms don’t go away.

Tonight, I will give my dog a nice long walk. Will report my gym success (failures) tomorrow.

Hope you guys enjoy the read!

in the fourth day of my V-Diet.

put your mind to it…actually a great test
of will power and persistence!

post up stats and photos. I still need to do mine too…

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