1st HSM Plus Other Questions

First off, I’m through my first week of VDieting, and I think tomorrow I’ll go get an 8oz flet mignon with veggies, a salad with balsamic dressing, and a glass of red wine. Seems like a decent meal to me.

My big question though, is this:
I’m a pretty small guy to begin with. When I began I was 5’7’’, 156 lbs, and about 14%BF. As result I’m only taking in about 1240 calories on non-workout days. I’m already down to 150 after this first week and I’m wondering if anyone my weight has tried the V-Diet to completion? How much wieght did you lose? I think I might drop it if I get below 145…I don’t want to be that light. Just looking for input from those who are my size!

Thanks guys/gals

Body weight can be deceiving because of height and genetic body structure. That’s why body comp and photos are a better guide than body weight alone. After all, we’ve all seen muscular 160 pound guys, fat 150 pound guys, and super ripped 250 pound guys. Their scale weight doesn’t mean much when it comes to how their physiques look. And body comp tests? Tricky.

So, only one way to answer these types of questions: post a photo of yourself.

Front view (sorry, cameraphone doesn’t have a timer, takes bad pics)


And back view.

You do not need the V-Diet at this time, or any fat loss diet. Just a good lifting program and a healthy, high-protein eating plan. Lots of those in our archives.

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