198 Down to 186


Most of my pictures are on my diet log but here are the front before and after. Love this program!





Great progress— good work!!


Thanks a lot. Using these forums has really kept me motivated.


It looks like you replaced the fat with hair. Can you confirm this?


great job!


HAHAHA! Yes your are correct. Too lazy to clean it up again. Hopefully the results can still be seen even through “hamburger meat”!


That’s awesome. I think I started my V-Diet off in roughly the same shape it looks like you were in so I’m pumped to see how well it worked for you. Two more weeks and we’ll see if I can get the same badass results.


Heck yeah Kingsley. Keep getting after it!


Nice work!


Awesome job Dave!

Glad to see that you had great success with it. Hopefully you now see why I told you it would be worth it!

Keep things rolling now with the transition and you’ll continue to see changes


How long did this take?


Now down to 182, 2 weeks post Velocity Diet and feeling great! Lost over 4 inches off my waist, let alone 16 lbs of fat! Started this entire process Sept. 13th and finished the 6 week program Oct. 24. I took this picture today about an hour ago.


Way to kick some ass.


Looks good man. I just started week 2. Already lost 5.8 lbs and 1.5" off my waist. I’m 5’10" 199.8lbs right now, started 205.

I think I’ll end up right around where you are and I look forward to it!