197 to 187 in Three Weeks

I am kicking myself for not taking true BEFORE pictures this time around! I have done this in the past, though, so for my “Before” picture, I’m going to use one from a while back when I started a similar transformation. I was at exactly the same weight in this pic (197 lbs.)


And here is the “AFTER” at 187:


Obviously, I’m using much more favorable lighting in the AFTER shots. I’m allowing myself to get away with it, since I’m not trying to win a contest or make any kind of claims about anything. I’m just posting these in case they help inspire others who are looking to make a similar transformation.

I used the Velocity Diet for two weeks, and then transitioned to real food in the third week. Since I’ve done this all before, I had quite a bit of muscle memory and fat-loss memory working for me. I was also able to break some BAD dietary habits in just two weeks of liquid-only dieting, but again…I could get away with it because I’ve been down this road before.

Best of luck to everyone out there who has the strength to go down this road!

Holy crap! Nice work, looks like way more than 10 pounds lost!

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