194 lbs, Here I Come!

Hey all…my name is Wes. I’m 30 years old, hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area.

This is my first post and Day 1 of my V-Diet. Its 9PM, I have one more shake coming, then bed by 12. So far…so good.

My background:
In high school I was a tall, lean 185. But after taking a few jobs in IT, I soon got lazy, after choosing long hours of coding or troubleshooting vs staying fit. (I’m a computer geek, kinda)
I’m now a tall, slightly built, but more chubby 223 lbs… :frowning:

From 2004-5, I had moderate success with working out. In 2004 I did the “master cleanser” fast, in which I lost 11 pounds in 10 days…but of course soon gained it back. In fact…the last day of my fast, I BBQ’d hotdogs and hamburgers for my coworkers at a company function…somehow I managed to resist the temptation to sneak a bite. So for me…the will power to see this through wont be so much of an issue as actually “doing the work” and tracking my progress.

Over the years, like many, I’ve stopped and started…usually having about 2 months of hardcore workouts, seeing good results, but then falling off due to a vacation or holiday. The cycle then repeats, with little results to show.

I am a self employed internet marketer…so I spend long hours in front of the computer. I tend to get in the zone with my work, and pass up opportunities to go the gym, even though I have more than enough time in my schedule. I drink A LOT of coffee…so the HOT-ROX is gonna have to replace my caffeine needs for a while.

But its a new month and I’m ready for complete upgrade to a newer, better looking body. So 4/1 - 4/28 is my Phase 1…and my end date after the transition will be May 9th.

By that date, I should have lost my target weight of 30 lbs and be a lean/mean 194(is that unrealistic?)

I’m really excited about this program. I can’t seem to ever get results just “going to the gym”. I need trackable, measurable progress to keep me motivated. And I think the V-Diet is the map that I’ve been missing while I’ve aimlessly been doing yet another “curl”.

I’ve done more than prepare. 3 weeks back I started NEPA walks just to get in the habit of taking a daily walk. So a habit has been formed. I’ve created calendars, posted the meal schedule all over the house, and set reminders on my email/cell phone on when to take the shakes. I know myself. If I’m not bombarded by “reminders”…I’ll forget and skip meals…only harming my progress.

Anyway, here are my current stats as of 4/1/09:

Neck: 16"
Shoulders: 52"
Chest - Upper: 45"
Chest - Lower: 41"
Waist - at Navel: 41"
Waist - at largest: 43"
Hips - at largest: 44"
Upper Arm - L: 15.25"
Upper Arm - R: 15.25"
Upper Leg - L: 28"
Upper Leg - R: 28"
Lower Leg - L: 16.25"
Lower Leg - R: 16.25"
Ankle - L: 9"
Ankle - R: 9"
Height 73"
Weight 223.6 lbs
Body Fat %: 33.8 (yeah…not good)
Skeletal Muscle %: 31.2
Visceral Fat Level: 12
Resting Metabolism: 2030 kcal
BMI: 30.3

I’ll post a log of today’s workout and some before photos on the next post.

Wish me luck. 27 more days of Phase 1 to go!

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Hi samourai

As Chris always said…Luck has nothing to do with it :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

30lbs is unrealistic??? let’s see that ;). keep us posted.

Here are my Day 1 photos. Gotta loose those love handles…
oh, and i was born without a face.

As Yoda would say “there is not try, only do”

Photo 2

Photo 3

You definitely sound like the type of person that achieves the best results with a strict plan. Some people can “wing it” and do fine, but most of us actually do better the stricter the plan.

And with the V-Diet, that 4-6 weeks of strictness can change our food-related behaviors and taste/craving preferences permanently, making maintenance or the “winging it” times successful too, instead of those times just being backward slides.

Keep us posted!

Way to plan! Will be looking forward to you’re fantastic results.

Who is this Yoda you speak of?
Congrats on making the decision to change your body for the better. The first week is probably the hardest week and some folks don’t seem to experience any difficulty even on the first week. Just keep at it and you’ll do great.

"Mine! or I will help you not" - Yoda.

Ok…I’m on day 3…

So far, I can’t say that the eating plan has been difficult. I haven’t been hungry at all, and have followed the meal schedule to the “T”.

I’m weighing in every day just to be motivated by progress, but only doing fully measurements once a week. So far, the scale has tipped 4 lbs down to 219.6 (as of this morning). I’m guessing that is mostly water weight as I notice I look a lot less bloated.

As someone on the forum recommended, I’m using the Weight Bot app for the Ipod Touch. Allows me to chart my progress with a daily AM weigh in.

I’ve added the Z-12 sleep aid capsules, which seem to help alot in feelin refreshed the next day. I’m much more alert, and don’t feel fatigued nearly as much as I did earlier this week.

I’m excited for today’s workout. Being that I wanted to start my V-diet on the 1st, the 1st WO was Wednesday, in which I did Monday’s routine. I probably should’ve also thought of the problem in doing this and started monday. So, workout today tomorrow, and Vburn on Sunday. Then start again monday. I’ll probably kill myself trying to do this…so depending upon my energy, I may have to pass on a Saturday wo, let my muscles rest, and just do an extra day at the end of the cycle.

The last workout was a bit tough. Don’t let those 4 seemingly simple exercises fool you. I had a hard time with the bent over barbell row. Almost lost my cookies after that. Had to kinda pace my self. The surge was a bit difficult to keep down as well, but I managed. I think my body is just in shock from being taxed harder than it’s used to.

About the Plank Hold…is there a particular way to count a “set”. I did 6 sets as long as I could, and now my abs are burning (I like it). But since the WO plan calls for 40 reps…how are most people interpreting that?

Tomorrow I have an HSM dinner with some family, so I’m looking forward to that. I informed them what I’m doing so that they’ll be supportive and not tempt me with pies & heavy meals like normal.

So…that’s all I have to report for now. I’ll update again soon (probably with some new pics once I’ve hit my week mark)

Had great Day 3 workout today. I enjoy shoulder work more than any body part, so it was a lot more fun and challenging.

I never knew you could work your abs out so much with the planks. Can’t wait to strip off the fat around my cut and see what’s been hiding there.

I finished my first container of strawberry protein today, so Ive switched to chocolate, just to change things up a bit. I think having ordered all the possible flavors was a good move. The psychological triggers of thinking “I have to drink vanilla for a month” could have been overbearing. Banana arrived today, and I hear that is tasty.

Today’s workout wasn’t nearly as hard to get through as on Wednesday. No nausea today, as I think my body is getting used to the new regime. Also…packing in so much protein per day might have attributed to a slight strength gain, making the weights manageable. My energy is high though, which seems to have led to more clarity and focus while doing the workouts.

What are “normal” weight loss amounts per week? I’ve lost 4 lbs so far, but I don’t think it’ll continue that rapidly. Just trying to map out a target weight for the end of each week.

As far as the planks go, the original plan I think was 1 plank hold for as long as you can possibly hold it. Chad said 2 or 3 sets when someone asked him in the training thread, so if it’s side planks, Im thinking that means 2-3 times per side, and for regular…just 2-3 times as long as you can hold it each time.

Personally, since I cant hold it for very long (started at 25 secs, up to about 45 secs now), I do it 5 times each side, and 5 times for regular plank.

Glad you’re nausea is subsiding. Chris said there really is no “normal” weight loss; everybody responds differently to the vdiet - they just DO respond well when done correctly. He also says it’s 10-25 lbs or something like that for total weight loss on average, not sure exactly on those numbers.

I’m off to the gym to do the V-Burn (my first). I missed my V-Burn for this past weekend due to starting the V-Diet midweek and my body being dead this weekend. (Did monday’s workout yesterday, so today the V-Burn, then tomorrow Wed’s workout).

The scale has seemed to level off at 219, though I’m following the V-Diet. This could be the addition of new muscle, which is heavier than fat. So I really wont know how I’ve progressed until tomorrow when I take new photos & measurements.

Just looking at those ever so fat pictures above, I can tell I’ve made improvements. Can’t wait for my next workout!

My first week of the V-Diet completed, whoaho!

Today was measurements / pics. I have the measurements ready to post, but will put the pics up after I retake. (Not easy to take em by yourself)

Neck: 16"
Shoulders: 52"
Chest - Upper: 42"
Chest - Lower: 39.25"
Waist - at Navel: 40"
Waist - at largest: 42.25"
Hips - at largest: 44"
Upper Arm - L: 15.25"
Upper Arm - R: 15.25"
Upper Leg - L: 27.5"
Upper Leg - R: 27.5"
Lower Leg - L: 16"
Lower Leg - R: 16"
Ankle - L: 9"
Ankle - R: 9"
Height 73"
Weight 218.8 lbs
Body Fat %: 33.4 (yeah…not good)
Skeletal Muscle %: 31.3
Visceral Fat Level: 12
Resting Metabolism: 2000 kcal
BMI: 29.7

Notable losses:
Lost 1" around waist
Lost 4.8 pounds
Upper chest: 3" (normally I wouldnt want to lose chest size, but this is probably alot fat/water loss)

I’m on a mission. Once I lose the weight with the Vdiet, I’ll go on a bulk phase, trying to gain some size in my chest/arms, as well as strength. I am notizing impressive stength gains though, as the same weights feel “lighter”.

I’ve been varying my NEPA between 30-60 min per day, depending on my energy/schedule. Today I did about 60 min and loved it (especially with my new headphones).

If anyone wants a great wireless bluetooth headset setup for their ipod, check this out:

The sound is killer, especially with the new HD version. I had the previous headset, but this one has way more bass and clarity, making NEPA walks even more enjoyable (and workouts)

Now that I’ve completed a week, I can see it’ll be a little easier sailing from here. I’ve gotten used to the shakes, the schedule, and the routine. Of course I’ll need to continue to challenge myself. But I dont see sticking with it as a problem from here on out. The 1st week was the toughest (or so it seemed)

Post again soon… (comments are welcomed)

I might need to get a headset such as this one so I can hear my audio books over the crazy person in the background at the YMCA that has to count out every. single. calorie. she burns while she’s on the elliptical. One of these days, if I dont get a headset like that to drown her out, Im going to flip around on that treadmill and take a running, flying leap at her head!

At ay rate, great stat updates so far, looking good indeed, nice starting losses! Looking forward to progression pics for comparison.


ok…these pictures are so shitty they’re almost not worth posting. but i didnt have anyone else to take them, so here i go.

honestly, its kinda hard to tell if ive lost weight just based on these two sets of pictures. I have no standard pose…and am getting considerable shadow, making my look larger.

In only a week though, i can see less bloating around my gut, and a little more definition in my shoulders.

Today is the 10th, and I’ve lost a total of 6.2 lbs. Today I’ve got a good workout coming, then V-Burn tomorrow.

I can also see that my chest is less puffy, as I tend to retain water around my upper chest.

im gonna have to setup a dedicated “photo shoot” area. The contrast in these is horrible.

Yes you are right, you can see some very noticeable changes right away in your pics, most evidently in your sides and stomach. Nice work :wink:


Today begins week 3. Last week I honestly have to say wasnt my best effort. I did the workouts and the Vburn fine, but had a few more HSMs than on the meal schedule and ended up skipping some shakes to compensate.

Easter was a challenge, in which although the food was heathly, I had already had an HSM the Friday before. I did extra NEPA to attempt to work it off.

Amazing how fast the weight can come back when you start eating normally.

It was a little discouraging to see the scale tip the other way, but I’ve since brought it back down.

I didnt have dramatic weight loss this week of course, but my clothes are fitting better and I’m still seeing some muscle gains.

So even though the scale may not adjust as rapidly as I’d like to see it, I could be attributed to gaining muscle. (and of course gaining weight from not following the program).

I really want to see progress when this is all done, so I’m making sure I dont deviate at all this week and make sure I’m back on track towards my goal. I still have a long way to go.

Here are my new measurements. (new photos to follow):

Neck: 16"
Shoulders: 52"
Chest - Upper: 43.5"
Chest - Lower: 41.5"
Waist - at Navel: 40"
Waist - at largest: 42"
Hips - at largest: 43.75"
Upper Arm - L: 15.5"
Upper Arm - R: 15.5"
Upper Leg - L: 26"
Upper Leg - R: 26"
Lower Leg - L: 16"
Lower Leg - R: 16"
Ankle - L: 9"
Ankle - R: 9"
Height 73"
Weight 218.6 lbs
Body Fat %: 32.1 (yeah…not good)
Skeletal Muscle %: 32.1
Visceral Fat Level: 12
Resting Metabolism: 2004 kcal
BMI: 29.7

Notable losses/gains:
Gained 1.5" in chest (that good?)
Lost .25" around waist/hips
Lost 1.7% body fat (seems low) - i’m using an impedance test, and a caliper might be more accurate
Gained: .5" in arms
Lost total of 5lbs.

What’s happening? Everything ok?

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