191 Down to 177. Pulse Fast Next!


About to start the 6th and final week.

My story started back about 5 years ago, when I got fed up with being fat and lazy. I began working out and trying to get on top of my nutrition. I was able to drop about 80 pounds.

My issues have been trying to get some decent definition, and the fact that I can’t get rid of my “fat” spare tire. I also struggle getting a decent chest. I’m flatter than flat.

My goal is to get in the single digits bf%, serious definition, and abs on display for the first time in my entire life.


On Monday, the 21st during the last week of transition, I am going to begin pulse fast on Monday and Thursday for like 3 weeks. This will be paired with the 5 day hypertrophy.

Check out my goals above, and I would love any advice and input on how to reach them!

I own and operate a Snap Fitness club in Michigan. I am forever grateful to T-Nation, and we are always passing the info along to members!



Excellent work.

Chest: A couple of good articles for you, if you haven’t already read them:


Thanks Chris! I’m definitely going to move into Chest Specialization after I do Hypertrophy for a few more weeks!


[quote]Chris Shugart wrote:
Excellent work.

Chest: A couple of good articles for you, if you haven’t already read them:


The chest specialization WORKS!!! specially the 100 rep stuff. A few years back I was in a similar position and I thought it was all genetic as my dad and all his brothers (7 of them) have little to no chest. I did the Chest stuff but concentrated on the 100 rep stuff and another porgram I found here called the booster shot?? 6 weeks later…I had a chest! doing the super high rep stuff also got me phenominally strong as well. In that time frame I went from not benching 190 to benching 305 twice. I started on the bench machine and would work my way up through the stack. I concentrated on getting 100 reps within my first 2 sets and then did as many reps as I could of each successive weight until I couldnt lift anymore. Hit this twice a week and consumed huge amounts of protein daily as well.

Again 6 weeks later I was able to press 305 twice…at the end of the workout and had a chest…its still there!