19 Wanting as Much Lean Muscle as Possible

Hello, I’m 19, male, and am 180 lbs with 10-12% BF. Wanting to be around 200 pounds with 10%. I workout 5-7 times a week and am wondering what supplements are best for me?

Plazma is the top choice for workout nutrition. Especially if you’re training 7 days a week, optimizing recovery and growth is essential. If your budget is tight, Surge Workout Fuel is the next-best choice.

Creatine is another staple that every lifter should be using. If you can fit it into your monthly budget, Micro-PA will optimize the muscle-building effects of any classic bodybuilding work you do, since it basically tells the body to respond better to hypertrophy training.

Goes without saying that your training needs to be well-designed and your diet needs to be consistent with enough calories and enough quality protein.