19 Days In

Been thrilled so far with what this has done for my wife an I. I have lost nearly 18#'s (carried a bit of water as the first 6 came off in 2 days) my wife 10. I wont measure my waist till sunday, but was down about 2 inches last sunday and my pants are needing a belt.

I wanted to share my cholesterol results. In december my total was 233, I have been screened every 3 months for the past 4 years and my best number ever was 217. My ratio has always been bad.

Today was screening day and I was shocked, total was 173. My ratio was still bad, I am just skewed that way, it only gets better when I am doing a lot of aerobic activity which I am not on this diet currently. Triglycerides were also as low as they ever have been at 77.

I am thankful for the HSM every day, honestly I don’t know if I would have made it otherwise. We have done all recipes found on the forum here, except for some coconut flour pancakes we found elsewhere. have kept the calories 3-500 on the meals.

Maybe someone will get a laugh, I bring baggies with my mix for the day with me I work 10 hour days so 3 come with me. I toss the Flameout in each bag and then take it before mixing. Today for some reason I put the three of them in one bag, but only took out one to take, the other 2 ended up in the shake. took me awhile to figure out why it tasted so awful, but when I was chewing on what I thought was a piece of silicone from the blender it clicked that it was the fish oil capsule skin. Yuck

Great to hear your feedback. Glad the V-Diet is working so well for you and your wife!

Speaking of fish oil capsules, someone once asked me if they could chew them since they could not swallow pills. I said, sure, but you’ll only do it once!

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