17 Yr Old, Want to Lose Some Fat


Hey, I’m 17 and I have a bit of fat around my stomach area :frowning:
I’ve read through out this forum that the “Velocity Diet” provides great results, and I was wondering where I could find it LOL.
I’ve been trying to find it for a while but I can’t.

Stats: Weigh about 70kg’s
Height: 182cm
Goal: To get clear abs, at the moment I can JUST see my top two, but I want to lose fat ASAP for summer! :smiley:

Thanks to anyone that helps <3


put down them donut king and chase them kangaroos around.


You can start here for the V-Diet:

However at 17 you should probably focus on better eating habits, working out and conditioning.

I’m a huge fan of the V-diet but at 17 you will have just as much success by changing your diet, starting lifting weights and doing conditioning work.