16% Drop in Bodyfat. Lost 65 lbs in 16 Months


In all the before pics, i weighed 240, about 36% BF. In the current pics, I weigh 195, approx 19% BF. I started 1/1/2011, and weighed 260 lbs. I slowly lost about 20 lbs until I took the before pics last summer. I work out everyday, and am currently on the Ketogenic Diet, end of week 3. (lost 3 lbs of fat so far). I strongly suggest morning fasted cardio and low carb dieting for everyone that is cutting.

Remember, this is only temporary…keep your eyes on the horizon and on that end state goal of getting SHREDDED. The transformation is the hard part, maintenance phase is a walk in the park!

I am trying to get down to 10 % BF. Any advise on exercises, or other dieting tips are welcomed. I have some GYNO and have really struggled to get them down, but surgery might be needed in my near future…


more pics


another 1


Great work mate!


How do you figure “maintenance phase is a walk in the park!” If you’ve never been there? I was leaning down and then right when I got almost where I wanted to go I tried to bulk up, granted I put on more muscle but also put more fat back on… now I’m trying to get down again.

Metabolic Drive, really helps, anything Precision Nutrition for great recipes and if you can stomach just rotate a couple of meals with 2MD shakes a day that’s probably a good approach.

It’s all about consistency and sticking it out, so good job so far man and I hope you get the that walk in the park sometime.


I got great results from “The New Rules of Lifting” fatloss routines coupled with HIIT. If you can do those fatloss phases 123 along with the break in it’d take you to a good place in 3-4 months.

I love MAG-10 btw.


Appreciate the advice Efuchs7, I think maintenance is a walk in the park because I can maintain my current weight soo easily…it might be tougher once you get to 10% BF or lower, but if you eat a little more today, do a little more cardio and eat a little less tomorrow to level out. And diet really is everything.

I read, “Burn the fat, feed the muscle” and, “The Anabolic Solution for Bodybuilders”. Those books changed my whole mindset on dieting…I will certainly look into your suggestions!


Your progress is great so far. Keep up the hard work.


I know this is a year old, but awesome results! Very motivating


Kind of a weird thing to point out, but nipples got smaller. Not sure why. Anyone know?


[quote]MattyG35 wrote:
Kind of a weird thing to point out, but nipples got smaller. Not sure why. Anyone know?[/quote]

Whoa - that is weird. Lower E2 levels with reduced fat maybe?


Late to the party but looking good!


[quote]MattyG35 wrote:
Kind of a weird thing to point out, but nipples got smaller. Not sure why. Anyone know?[/quote]

I’m ashamed to admit I noticed that, also…LOL…


Bro Awesome Job! Keep it up!


Hi bigworm87,

What kind of work routine did you use?


the issue with the nipples is estrogen of course. there are a ton of estrogen receptors in that area, and why some men get bitch tits for example. He started working out, he changed the balance of estrogen in favor of testosterone. and they went back to whee they should have been… (my guess) however, some people take a product inbetween steroid cycles or during to kill estrogen conversion and some of these products actually help that area shrink, Whether as a suicide receptor product or otherwise.


It could be as simple as your fat stretched them out. Notice how they are darker now that they are no longer stretched. Nothing worth a second thought anyway. Good job! Keep at it!