15 Pounds in 5 Days, Ahead of Track or Normal?

Istarted the V-Diet moday this week and am currently down to 215 from 230, am I losing weight too fast or is this fine??? =] I feel good though about myself, jeans are loosening, next belt hole easily, toolbelt is wayyy loose.

Sounds like you’re weighing too often first of all. You should not even weigh in for a couple of more days. I say it over and over again: frequent or unscheduled weighing will drive you nuts with natural body weight fluctuations.

Now: Did you use the same scale, weigh the same time of day both times (morning, undressed, after bathroom trip, before eating or drinking anything) etc.?

same time of day, boxers, no drinks

[quote]southphilly wrote:
same time of day, boxers, no drinks[/quote]

Okay then, assuming your scale isn’t wonky (digital ones can be), very fast losses of weight can be attributed to:

  1. Fat loss (yay)

  2. Water loss: Some people are carrying around a lot of “bloat” before they start the V-Diet, so they get a big drop in week #1.

  3. Poop. When you weighed the first time, you had a lot in you. The second time you didn’t. (Gross, but hey, shit happens I’ve heard.)

But if you’ve been following the diet correctly and using the right supplements, then I doubt there’s any muscle loss. Think about it: starvation and NO weight training can’t cause muscle loss that quickly. So a high protein diet with weight training and multiple muscle-preserving supplements certainly isn’t going to.

I think tape measurements tell a better story anyway, so report back once you do those 7 to 14 days into the diet.

I will. On Monday my tool belt was snug, and today it was falling off. Instead of first belt notch, 3rd is fine. And my veins are out more during work and the gym. So I’m happy it’s not a problem then lol.

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