13.4lbs in 6 days!


Holy crap Chris!

I just weighed in on the morning of Day 7 as we’re planning our HSM tonight.

I’m down 13.4lbs in 6 full days of V-Dieting and my wife is down 5.5lbs.

No questions, just thank you!


Nice! Keep it up! Don’t stray- don’t get excited, stick to the full program and you’ll have amazing results.


Thanks dude. Not planning to stray at all. Coming into it, my most unrealistic goal for this 6 week period was to drop 16kg / 35lbs. That feels very attainable after this first week.


OK I came here to ask Chris a question about rapid weight loss (maybe too rapid) thinking i was dropping lbs too fast. I dropped 10.2 lbs in 3 days and it had me thinking i was doing something very wrong apparently not. I was doing a 3 days run before i do my 4 week run starting January 2nd. Thanks.


It’s pretty common to lot in the first week. Some of this is water weight and “bloat” and some is body fat. Most won’t lose that much in the later weeks but that’s okay. I’s all about losing inches and fat, not scale weight, so be sure to take those tape measurements and pay attention to how clothes are fitting.