12 Weeks 5 Days


So, my wedding day is 12 weeks and 5 days away, and i don’t look like i wana look like. This is my 3rd V-Diet, the first 1 was 2 years ago and worked well but i fell back into bad habits, second failed after a week and third lasted 19 days due to work, travelling abroad etc…

So far i’m on day 3, not weighing myself until morning of the 8th day. My clothes are already starting to feel looser. I got a feeling that this time round i will prevail and kick my old habits, il have about 6 weeks after the transition phase has finished to get into better shape before the big day and i have high hopes.

With the full 6 week protocol i’m looking at dropping 30-40lbs and an extra 10-15 lbs in the following 6 weeks after. Sounds ambitious but i’m determined this time.

Il keep you posted of how it goes and this time round failure is not an option.

As Chris says, it’s time to suck it up, but this time i have a goal…


Really think about, “What can I do to make this the LAST time I have to do this?”

While this hasn’t been a back-breaking process for me, there are other things I’d rather be doing than V-Dieting.

The last thing you want to do is look your all-time best for 24 hours and then be a fat slob just a few weeks later.

Providing all goes well, that wedding picture’s going to be up on a wall somewhere, and you don’t want to have somebody ask you someday, “Who’s that in the photo?”

“Oh, that was me 5 years and 40 pounds ago.”

Obviously, you want to look good for the wedding, but what are the other reasons you’re doing this?

Dig deep- think about the long term.

I’m pulling for ya.


Hey, thanks for the making me think. I was pretty much an overweight teen and a few years back i lost around 60lbs and got down to around 200lbs and i looked ok. Got into a relationship 4 years later my weight has crept back up.

I’m using the wedding as a short term goal and giving me an end date. once i get there and im in a place i wana be i plan on turing to the 100g carb cure paleo style eating while keeping my training up.

I have a strange body style where i hold weight around my lower body which makes buying clothes quite difficult.

I wana be able to pretty buy what i want to wear and not be relegated to loose fit and baggy clothes.

Also heart disease and diabetes scares the shit out of me.

I wana look good the beach and not be scared to take my top off in public etc…


Ok so my fiance and my brother just had KFC delivered… Toxic?




If you get lucky, your fiance will want to get into shape, too, and follow your lead.

After years of watching my wife pile weight on her gorgeous frame, and lots of talk with very little action, she’s actually begun an exercise routine, she’s eating much healthier, talking about cooking more nutritious meals for the kids and actually doing it.

Maybe she’ll become more supportive and make some progress, as well.


I finally woke up on day in september and realized I am 33 and 30 pounds over weight with 3 kids. I now have been going to the gym 5 days a week and feel great. I just wish my husband who is 40 lbs over weight would finally do something about it.


if thats you in the pic looks like you’ve done a really good job, you stunning actually!

For some reason my fiance can eat what she wants and her weight moved about 5lbs lol, but she is ready to start working out now just to get her fitness level up!


Hey guys i said i wasnt guna weigh myself until the morning of the 8th day, oh well. that went out of the window.

Morning of the 4th day and i’m down 11lbs… Fuck yeah!


Was it a boy or a girl?

Does it look like Mommy or Daddy?


[quote]reactiontm wrote:
Was it a boy or a girl?

Does it look like Mommy or Daddy?[/quote]

lol i guess thats kind of encouragement right?


Day 5 nearly in the bag! Not weighed today, quite hungry but it’ll pass i hope!


[quote]Marzouk wrote:

[quote]reactiontm wrote:
Was it a boy or a girl?

Does it look like Mommy or Daddy?[/quote]

lol i guess thats kind of encouragement right? [/quote]

Yeah. Funny that I’m busting my balls to drop 10 in two weeks, and you’ve done it in a few days.

All is well, keep on.


It’s day 10.

where you been?


[quote]reactiontm wrote:
It’s day 10.

where you been?[/quote]

Bump, bump, bump…another one bites the dust…bump, bump, bump.


Hey guys thanks for bumpin. All i can say is i’m a british citizen living in egypt… Nuff said? Evacuated. No internet for a week, no mobile no gym. Just got back today and ready to back right where i left off!


First day of shakes nearly over, back starting again after withstanding a revolution and near civil war. Nothing to throw you off course like gun shots and guys waving machetes.


Day 2 almost over weighed in this morning and i’m donwn 6.5 lbs. 26 days to go. heading for 30lbs loss i hope.

Keep ya updated if anyone is still bothering to check my log out. Peace out.


Day 4 almost in the bag, still goin strong,m guna head to the gym in a bit and burn some if this fat off. Will weigh when i get chance and keep u updated.


Marzouk, what was your starting weight? I am guessing was near 250-60 ish, based on your staement you dropped 6lbs, were in the 200’s and gained it back. So when you started this round it looks like you are striving to get back to 200’s by wedding date. Is that right?

I ask because I am in a similar situation. Started at 250.5 and am headed to 200. 70 days total included a 2 week transition. Basically mt plan is to evaluate the progess I have made at day 28, and make a decision whether to

  1. continue for an etra 20 days or so on the strict V-Diet
  2. go to a modified transition (i.e. just move to one HSM a day till the end
  3. If I am very close to my goal I am tarnsition off on the normal pattern and watch to ensure I eat “correctly, and moderately” for the rest.

Personally I already am mentally planning on running he V-Diet for 50 days + 2 week tranisition.