12 Week Cutting Plan


I am starting my first official diet. I am 21 years old. I have been “Bulking” or trying to gain as much size as I can for the past 2-3 years. Lately I have been getting out of control with snacks and food so it was time to start my diet. I am not too worried about losing weight. My main focus is body fat percentage. I am focusing on a slower approach to fat loss to try to keep as much muscle as possible. Doing this the “natural” way in terms of drug use. I will be taking a fat burner.

Detonate ( half bottle left ) = Two caps
Creatine mono = 5 grams pre workout
Glutamine = 10 grams before and 10 grams post workout
Xtend and Amino build = 2 scoops(14 grams of bcaa) split into two doses
Gold standard whey = 50 grams post workout
cellucor HD (When I run out of detonate)

21 years old
5 foot 10
202 pounds
Type 1 Diabetic (Insulin dependent)
16% body fat

Measurements 6/7/15
GF measured so these numbers are somewhat close
(From side of shoulder to front)
Shoulder (L) 6 in
Shoulder ® 6 in
Chest 42.8 in
Arm (L) 14 in
Arm ® 14 in
Waist(Belly) 38 in
Hips 35 in
Middle thigh (L) 23.5
Middle thigh ® 23.5