100g Carbs


Just a couple of quick questions. Is it better to gradualy lower the carbs to 100g over a week when coming off a bulk?

I cut my carbs down quite alot today and i felt like crap all afternoon, which then had a knock on effect on my gym session!

Should i split my 100g carbs over morning, pre workout (6pm) and postworkout meal or just keep them around gym time?

Is it a bad idea to snack on fruit thru the day, i no its carbs but thought maybe the good could outweigh the bad?


  1. Most people can jump right into it. That may be more of a mental and lifestyle challenge than a physical one. But sure, you can go, say, 150g if that’s a big change for you.

  2. Spend the biggest chunk of the carbs around the peri-workout period. Half of them or more. That’s where they’ll be most “put to work.” Pre-workout carb to increase the muscle-building insulin state, then some during and after. The rest of the day, “spend” what’s left here and there.

  3. With things like fruit and most veggies, there’s wiggle room. For example, if a person is shooting for 100g per day as the <a href=""target=“new”>100 Gram Carb Cure article says, and they get 140, BUT 40 of those are from two oranges a day, then I wouldn’t sweat that too much as long as you’re seeing results in fat loss.

The main idea isn’t to limit fruit and veggie intake, but rather bread, pasta, sugar, and super starchy stuff. Then let auto-regulation kick in.

Hope that helps.


So a quick diet overview


3 poached eggs, 2 bits of bacon slice of granery toast

Snack on an apple, two small oranges and maybe some peanut butter until lunch


Tuna over mixed salad drizzled with olive oil

Pre workout

Oats and milk with a protein shake

Right after workout, protein shake

Get home and have a dinner of turkey, brocoli and small baked potato

omega 3
l glutamine
bcaa’s before workout, right after workout and the following morning to training


If you had to ditch something, I’d drop the bread for sure, then the milk if you really want to get rid of some sugars (it also lowers testosterone.) The rest looks fine.

Some people find that removing all grasses/grains is helpful, even oatmeal, but most don’t need to get that extreme.


Ok thanks Chris, much appreciated