100g Carb Question


Hi Chris, with regards to the 100g carb cure article from last year, when not using supplements for peri and post workout nutrition whats the best carb sources to eat? I plan on eating 1/3 for breakfast a 1/3 pre and the last 3rd post workout.

I train at around 6pm for around an hour and im in bed sleeping for arond 10.30pm. I would usualy have a protein shake post workout then around an hour later turkey and a mix of peas and brocoli as my last meal

Ive been recently going really low carbs but getting fed up with the foggieness and dizzyness and think going this route will be better as the carbs will help be have a better workout.

I think im classed as an endomorph but not to the extreme, carbs dont seem to be my friends in big doses.

Thanks Chris


Here’s a post that should help you out:

But, you need at least 50g carb peri-workout. That’s a bare minimum. So 50% at least around weight training. Preferably more.


So the 50g pre-workout is money well spent? How many grams do you think post work-out and should i have them im my shake immediately after my workout has finished or leave them an hour later with my last meal of the day (which has the mix of veg anyway along with turkey)?

Thanks for taking the time reply, i no you must be busy with the indigo stuff.


For a long time, everyone thought that post-workout was “prime time” for carb intake. We know now that pre and during-workout is even better if you want to gain some muscle. You don’t want to weight train in a low-insulin state. Here’s a good article that gets into this:

So with the 100g Carb Cure, the idea is to place most of those around the weight training period. So really, if 90 of them came peri-workout and the rest were incidental at other meals, that would be fine.


Excellent, thanks man.