1 Week In, Struggling

I’ve been on the diet for about a week now, and so far, I’ve not lost any weight. Here’s my schedule, let me know if I need to revise it at all

Wake up - 0540
Thermogenic and Superfood and Flameout- 0700
Protein and Flameout - 0715
Protein and Flameout- 1000
Protein and Flameout- 1300
Indigo - 1400
Plazma - 1415
Gym time - 1430 -1530
HSM and Flameout - 1700 (usually chicken stir fry with broccoli, snap peas, carrots, green beans, and bean sprouts, soy sauce, garlic powder, and sriracha sauce and asian blend seasoning with half bag of boil in bag 2 serving rice)
Protein and Flameout- 2030
Bed - 2100

I’m 6’0" about I sit right around 240 right now probably upwards of 20+% body fat. Don’t have a caliper as of right now to do it correctly.

I only feel hungry after my workout and right after my HSM.

I didn’t expect it to melt off but I haven’t lost more than a half pound since monday.

Any advice?

  1. Make sure that HSM is fitting into the calorie guidelines. Count the sauces too. Could be high.

  2. Use the adjustment section of the V-Diet ebook. For example, you may need to drop a scoop of Metabolic Drive.

  3. Are you using the V-Diet workouts and daily NEPA?

  4. Review the scale section of the ebook as well. Remember, scales don’t tell the whole story. Are you taking the tape measurements?

  5. You write “thermogenic” and “protein.” Just to make sure, are these Hot-Rox and Metabolic Drive?


The HSM does fit in the guide line, I don’t use to much of the sauces, just to add a little flavor, about 1 serving of each. The rice is 180 calories, I have half a chicken breast so about 250 calories then the veggies all total about 100 calories so thats right around 530 calories, with the sauces, it take it up to about 550.

I follow the workouts to a T and do my nepa walks form 1830 to 1930 everynight and its both up hill and down hill in various spots

I took tapes on monday and last night and no change so far, not even a half inch.

The protein is Metabolic Drive, I got a tub off my buddy and I’m placing another order next week and the thermo is HOT-ROX.

I do have a hard time with carbs, as in if I eat a bigger amount of them, I tend to store them as fat.

With being in the navy and living in the barracks, They only gave us a dorm size fridge and the freezer doesn’t work all that well so its hard to really have everything fresh and money is tight. Next week though I’m going to start doing some of the pizzas you’ve put up

Ok, cool. I suggest dropping most of the carbs then from your HSM. It’s okay to have a few, but replace them with good fats, veg, and protein. And while I don’t like lowering the already low calories too much, consider dropping 100 or so for the day, either my decreasing the Metabolic Drive by a scoop a day or in your HSM.

Those who get off to a slower start on the V-Diet typically have a bigger jump in week 2.

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