1 Serving of Flax Seeds Ok?

I wil be starting the V-Diet between 170-175 pounds. I figured out what I will need to consume if I weight in at 170. (of course I will know exactly what weight at the start)

Well for 170 pounds I will need 1307 calories on non-work out days and 1568 calories on work out days.

For non w/o days I will need:

4 two scoop shakes and 1 one scoop shake
4 Flameout caps
1 serving milled flax
1 serving nat PB

Is it ok to have only one serving of milled flax seeds? Should I take away from the nat PB and add in another serving of flax seeds? Did I add up something wrong?


I believe that yuou should have 2 servings of flax and 1 serving of PB daily.

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