1 or 2-week Velocity Diet Cycles?

I have been keeping up a lot with the V-Diet articles but I have not seen something addressing this question - to my knowledge.

Would it still be productive to do some sort of cycle between V-Diet and a regular healthy diet?

For instance I had a few friends try it and I was with them during their experience, and sad to say they all failed - some after a week, others around two. A bunch of friends tried the diet at once as a tribute to an at the time recently passed away strength coach for our college baseball team that was a huge supporter of the diet. (Perhaps their lack of personal commitment lead to their failure).

I was wondering if it would make sense to do 1 wk or 2 wk cycles of the V-Diet making it a bit easier to sustain. Some sort of combination between time on the diet - a transition off - a healthy solid food diet - and then back on?

One problem with this idea: It takes about 21 days for the taste/craving changes to occur on the V-Diet. One or two-week short V-Diets, if that’s what you mean, won’t give you that powerful effect, which is actually more important than the fat loss I think.

Plus, most people report that week 3 and week 4 of the V-Diet are “easy” compared to week 1 and 2. Why stop when it’s just starting to get easier?

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