1-3/4 V-Diets & 2 Pulse Fasts


So I’ve done two V-Diets and 2 Pulse Fast.

First V-Diet was back in August. 217lbs down to 200lbs.

Second V-Diet 200lbs down to 192lbs in 3 weeks.

Today(Sunday Oct 31) is the last of my V-Diet and I float around 192-195lbs. My weight probably fluctuates a bit more but I only weigh myself in the morning and night after I’ve drank 6 litres of water, 5 of those being V-Diet Shakes. During week 2&3 I did a Pulse Fast. In the days after the Pulse Fast, I’ve my muscle bellies looked bigger, more visible veins all over, and hunger cravings had vanished. I felt like I was ‘ON’ something.

I remember you stating somewhere regarding the Pulse Fast, that if someone were to do a Pulse Fast in conjunction with the V-Diet, that the individual should only complete 2-3 weeks of the V-Diet only. Honestly, I feel like I’m done with the V-Diet and have plateaued around 192-195lbs. The majority fo my fat is still around my shitty love handle area. My front abdominal fat has gone down significantly to the point to where I can now see the stretch marks I’ve had BENEATH my belly that I’ve never seen before. My side and back fat has gone down significantly as well, but it’s taking longer for ‘that’ fat to go down. I know my body’s primal mechanism of storing the emergency fat is told hold on to it just in case I’m starving, it just sucks that it won’t go away.

Now that I’ve accomplished 3 weeks of the V-Diet, with 2 Pulse Fast’s, I want to begin a new training regimen that Mike Mahler created. It’s a modified 5x5, 3x3, HIT method.

Monday 5x5
A1: Standing Barbell Military Press
A2: Weighted Pull-up or Lat Pulldown
B1: Barbell Deadlift
B2: Hanging Leg Raise

Wednesday: 3x3
A1: Incline barbell press
A2: Barbell bent-over row
B1: Barbell full squat
B2: Double dumbbell swing or barbell Romanian deadlift

Friday: HIT work up to a heavy set
Barbell floor press 1x6
Barbell bent-over row 1x6
Standing dumbbell military press 1x5
Lat pulldown or weighted pull-up 1x5
Barbell squat 1x8
Barbell Romanian deadlift 1x6

Chris, from my experiences in training, my body responds very well to Full Body Training. It’s worked very well in the past and I would like to do it again now that I’m ‘Less Chubby’.
Being 5’4 @ 192-195 isn’t as bad as it looks on paper. I’ll put up some pictures to show my before’s from August to now(October).

My meal plan will be Metabolic Drive Complete every morning for breakfast, and a MD Shake at night for dinner with Surge Recovery after training on training days.
Eggs, oatmeal, chicken, beans, a truck-load of vegetable’s, lots of beef, very little rice and potato’s because they make me sleepy, and no fish(because it tastes terrible out here in Iraq).

Would it be alright if I mix 1 scoop of SURGE Workout Fuel with one scoop of SURGE Recovery for my Pre&Mid training session and 1 scoop of SURGE Recovery after training? I’ve taken one scoop of surge recovery on my V-Diet training days where I felt like crap,and it worked up quite well.

1-Scoop Workout Fuel + 1-Scoop Recovery = 300Calories / 56gCarbs / 26g Sugars / And all of the good stuff in Workout Fuel: MAG-10, SURGE Hyperosmotice Glycogen Load, Superhydration Catalyst.
The only reason why I would consider doing this is because I read an article on EliteFTS that a Powerlifter did this, but he used two scoops of Workout Fuel and Recovery, I’m not that damn big nor strong. But I’ve used this combination before in my training before the V-Diet and worked wonders on energy in the gym.

I do have MAG-10 and Anaconda on hand, but honestly Chris, I have no idea when to use them during training days or non-training days other than doing another Pulse Fast, which I plan on doing tomorrow during my first training session of the week post V-Diet.

If I want to continue to lose fat after the V-Diet, would the idea’s I’ve mentioned above be a good/great, or a bad plan?

Thanks Chris.

Your overall plan looks good. Some thoughts:

  1. I know you’re in Iraq and things may be a bit limited, but for many who’ve had good results but are still looking to improve and fine-tune, dropping grains can work wonders - your oatmeal and rice for example.

Some can get away with them, some can’t (seems to make them "body fat retentive.) Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean to go lower carb, just don’t get those carbs from grains. Oatmeal is certainly better than cereal of course, but it is a grass… and humans just don’t do so well eating like cows. So, consider that fine-tune. See my-grain oatmeal recipe in the HSM & Recipes forum for an alternative.

  1. As for MAG-10: when not on a Pulse Fast, MAG-10 is best used “pulsed in” between solid meals (30 minutes before meal for example). For Anaconda is best used during training.

Keep us posted!

Roger that, thanks Chris!

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