02/01/16- Let's Do This!

Hello Everyone!

My background- I’m a 32 year old, 5ft 3 female from London, England (so apologies in advance if i use phrases, units of measurements which you may be unfamiliar with!). I am a nurse, previously working within emergency, intensive care and now research! so my job keeps me busy… Having such a busy job has led to me not taking care of myself, not eating/drinking for 10-12hour shifts and then bingeing from being so hungry/tired/bored… as a result, I have gained a lot of weight over the years!

I have been lifting for about 5 years now on and off! and completely fell in love with it! My favourite being deadlifts! I’ve always aimed to lift about 4x a week, however, having a hectic job, and always putting others needs before my own, I have allowed my training routine to suffer over the years!

Having said that, when I’m at the gym, I am super focused, and I do believe (without sounding too big headed!) that I am one of the hardest workers in the gym! I am a tryer, I always try! I never give up, even when I want to! I am very aware of my strengths and weakness, and I am brutally honest with myself. Hence why I am here… I work ethic in the gym and general day to day training is brilliant… My psychology towards food is warped! I get lazy, I give in way too easily, I eat towards my emotions!

Hence why I have decided to try the Velocity Diet! This year, I have many endurance based challenges ahead of me… I want to have a 150kg Deadlift by the end of June 2016 and a 90kg squat, and x10 unassisted pull ups. I also love Obstacle Course Races (OCRs- I can hear a few peeps sniggering), but in order to succeed in these challenges, I need to build up my aerobic endurance and my upper body strength needs massive improvement (which would be helped by losing a lot of fat- namely my chest area, the boobs are huge! :o/)

Here go my measurements
weight- 80kg
neck- 31.5cm
shoulders- 41cm (measured them the way you would for clothing, not sure if correct)
Chest- 96cm (again, on a women with big boobs, I wasn’t sure where to measure, went for just below armpits- and will stick to this)
Waist- 98.5cm belly button, 89.5cm 1 inch above, 104cm 1 inch below
Hips- 108cm
Upper Right arm- 37cm
Upper Right Leg- 68cm
Upper Right Calf- 41cm.

I am currently on day 2… Day 1 wasn’t too bad, didn’t have any food cravings, but did find my eyes wondering to the left over xmas chocolate- so I binned it all! I also had a ridiculous headache that started around 13.00- drank plenty of water and just let it be! was in bed by 21.00 as I was exhausted!

Wish me luck, day 2 isn’t too bad so far! Will report back soon!


Lets show these bloody yanks how its done. :smiley:

I’m on day three. Easy enough so far.

Actually managing five of the things is pretty much the toughest bit for me.

Ha ha!

Us brits are probably too lazy to form a competition!

Day 2, another headache since about 14.00! I have walked 10km in total today (which is actually less than my day to day at work), and a Barry’s bootcamp class has floored me! :o( serves me right for having 2 weeks off of the gym, and an entire month of boozing!

I’ve not had any cravings or urges to eat yet, occasional hunger pangs… I find I am sniffing out food more though!


Stay strong, beanieink!

Headaches: Usually caused by very real withdrawal symptoms from crappy foods. Removing excess sugar and removing most wheat-containing foods will do it, and that’s a good sign because the withdrawal effects have to take place to make the long term changes in food preferences and cravings. The only solution is to tough it out and the symptoms will fade. Headaches can also be caused by the removal of caffeine, so if you’ve cut back on that, that can be a culprit.

Thanks Chris!

Headaches have all subsided now thankfully!

Starting to feel loads better, a lot less bloated! and food is tasting good again!

Happy days!


Day 5 for me and I’m loving the diet now!

Ive ended up working a 14hour shift, and only really had 5-10mins at a time for a break as am in A+E today, which has been absolutely rammed! The shake is perfect to drink quickly without causing any indigestion!



Feeling great today,

Still not sleeping very much… However, I am in good spirits! No crazy hunger, strength is still there and I even had to do my sports bra up onto a tighter hook :o) … Not sure if my mind is playing tricks on me, or my gym has fantastic mirrors… but I am looking in the mirror and look smaller! Will be interesting to see measurements this Sunday.

Off to see the Nutcracker Ballet tonight and out for a meal… this will be my biggest test of the week! :o)


That does sound like a tough test. I don’t think I could survive sitting through a whole ballet. :smiley: jk

Good work so far.

Ha ha!

Good one! First ballet I have ever been to see, and it was amazing!

Dinner was good too… I didn’t make the best choice for food, half a goats cheese thin pizza and a large salad (no dressing), no starter, no mains, no fizzy drinks or alcohol and didn’t even finish my half pizza!

and no snacks for the ballet… no cravings, and no hunger!

It is possible to go out and not gorge on food! :o)


These cheeky fellas joined me on my morning Walk! :o)

Popped to Sainsbury (A slightly higher end Walmart) to grab some more veg after the gym… Found myself standing in the Bread Aisle just sniffing batches of freshly cooked bread! I must have been there about 15minutes! :o/



So Friday night, staying in, not mindlessly eating was a bit harder than I thought it would be! I was bored, so thinking about food a lot… I had no cravings, no headaches, I just wanted to eat due to the boredom… I don’t cope well with boredom, I’m rarely bored! I did end up having just one slice of bread with dinner, and I also went to bed at 20.30 before I did anything stupid!

I need to keep re-iterating the fact to myself that I don’t need any of the crap out there, and th ewithdrawal symptoms i felt last weekend were just awful!

Woken up with a renewed sense of self belief today.

It’s 11am in London, I have already done my Barry’s bootcamp and NEPA for the day, had my eyebrows threaded (sorry guys!). So all in all a successful morning! I have also weighed myself and done my measurements:-

Weight- 76.5kg
neck- 31.5cm
shoulders- 41cm
chest- 90cm
waist- bellybutton- 94cm, above- 87cm, below- 99cm
Hips- 111cm
Upper Right Arm- 34cm
Upper R leg- 64.5cm
Upper Calf- 39cm

:o) Am proper chuffed with the results so far! I am disregarding the Neck, shoulder and hip measurements. Mainly because, I naturally have a slim neck, I’ve no idea how to measure shoulders and for the life of me, I can not remember where I measured my hips, but they have definitely got smaller, as my jeans etc are looser!

I have 2 13 hour nights shifts starting tomorrow night, so that shall be interesting! I am normally ravenous in the morning after, so may move my HSM to the mornings, so that I can go to sleep with a full belly.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Crackin’ up over here picturing you standing in the bread aisle just…smelling the air. If I saw someone doing this, I’d probably say “Excuse me, Miss, you don’t happen to be on the Velocity Diet, do you?”

Do you live alone? I ask because, why do you have bread in the house? It must belong to someone else!
I’m very lucky in that my wife (who is pretty fit and healthy, but not doing the V-Diet) has agreed to not stock anything in the house that is going to tempt me to break my diet. It’s extremely helpful. I have an issue, like yours, where I cannot watch TV in the evening and not snack on something. Popcorn and chocolate covered almonds are my favorite. We don’t have this stuff in the house anymore.

I think of it this way… “Bringing something home from the store is as good as eating it.” That’s where it’s ultimately headed, right? From the shelf at the store to my mouth. Shop on a full belly whenever possible, stick to a list that you wrote with a clear head. Don’t bring home anything you know you shouldn’t eat.

:slight_smile: Now, I’m off to look up the phrase “proper chuffed.” You don’t hear that very often in Missouri.

Ha ha ha!

“Proper Chuffed” basically translates to “very pleased” or “Very happy” or ‘Proud’! It’s a great saying! :o)

I live with 2 friends who, no matter what they eat, seem to never gain fat! Least it was only 1 slice of bread, rather than an entire loaf!

Night shift update- I have ended up splitting my HSM into 2 parts, mainly because I became full after eating a small amount of it and because at 5am, I often felt nauseous and have a tendency to be sick… I would rather bring up the rest of my HSM than nothing! Also had longer time periods in between shakes, which worked out alright!

Night shift number 2 rolling up very soon, must get to the gym!


Nights nearly finished! Thankfully!

I’ve not been hungry AT ALL! But tired, therefore grumpy… Therefore wanting to munch on the staff biscuits! And a large box of chocolates that a patient gave me! :grimacing:

I’m no longer “resisting” temptation or foods, but I’m actually giving myself a few minutes of thinking space about whether I really want it because I’ve a craving or am peckish or is there another reason behind eating it… It’s always the latter!

It’s a London (and Aussie) tradition in A+E departments to go out for “Breakfast and Beers” after the final night shift… You basically go out straight away after shift change, have a big fry up and then spend the day getting pissed until you can’t handle it anymore or you get kicked out the pub!.. Yes, nurses and Drs start drinking at 08.30! It’s allowed, we’ve been up ALL night! Ha ha!

All my colleagues are heading out and I’m being called a boring sod. … Me?! I just want to go home, get a couple of hours kip before hitting my boot camp!

Day 11 and going strong!!! :blush:


Major kudos to you! I think that’s absolutely the hardest thing about being a fit person. Especially during diets or special programs like this one where you’re really seeking accelerated change. Generally speaking, people won’t respond well to you trying to make yourself healthier or leaner, so they’ll heckle you and pressure you until you break down and join them in becoming…less healthy and less lean. :slight_smile:

“Oh you’re trying to lose weight? Awesome! Good for you, how’s it going?”
(5 minutes later…)

Hi Everyone,

So I have had the worst couple of days! And am feeling completely deflated… a mixture of being over tired due to not sleeping post nights and being stressed at work.

Yesterday was a disaster with the V-diet… Not in that I’ve binged or eaten badly… More so because I only managed 2 shakes yesterday and didn’t even have my HSM ! :o( with all that extra nutrition missing, I think it majorly backfired, as my gym session today was a complete mess!

Day 14 tomorrow… hopefully I will feel a lot happier and smash my workout!

The Plan was to weigh and measure myself tomorrow ( day early)… However, I may postpone until sunday, If I don’t like what I see, I will just cry into my Dumb Bells! :o/


Don’t cry onto your dumbbells, bread sniffer!

Just forget the bad day happened. Get a good day in to pull yourself back on track. Get all your calories… you seem to have a really rough schedule, and with your crazy sleep (or lack of sleep), your nutrition is all the more important if you’re going to maintain any energy.

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Bread sniffer?! Brilliant! I’ve been called worse!

Feeling loads better and so much more positive, optimistic and cheerful! (which is my usual personality!)

Had an odd gym session today… Really struggled with the squats, but the rest of my work out was fantastic! I was using a different gym to usual, and they had different barbells, the middle bit is all smooth, and as I tend to usually do low bar back squats, I just couldn’t get the bar to stop sliding up! (An issue I’ve never had before) although, I’ve just checked the v diet and am meant to be doing front squats any ways… So basically I’m the tool here!

I’m now 14days free of any processed sugar! I’m actually so proud… As I can not remember the last time I didn’t eat chocolate 2days in a row! :blush::blush::blush:

Have a great weekend peeps, will report back with measurements on Sunday!

A smooth barbell? Man, that sounds rough!

… ha… yeah I got jokes.

Congrats on ditching sugar. :slightly_smiling:

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