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Biotest Supplement Advice

Biotest Supplement Advice is your place to ask questions about which Biotest supplements are best for your needs. We can also help you devise a supplement plan that works best for your schedule, your goals, and your budget.

Plazma Users

Post your questions about how to most effectively use Plazma to fuel your hardest workouts here.

Mag-10 Users

Post your questions about Mag-10 protein here, including how to use protein "pulses" as part of your daily nutrition or how to use Mag-10 to improve your recovery from hard training.

Indigo-3G Users

Post your questions about how to most efficiently use Indigo-3G as a complement to a smart nutrition plan.

Micro-PA Users

Post questions about how to maximize the effects of Micro-PA, including efficient training and nutrition.

Velocity Diet Support

Anything about the Velocity Diet, including diet logs to track your progress, post here.

Success Stories

Tell us about your results from using Biotest supplements. Please include photos.

Metabolic Drive Recipes

Post your recipes that incorporate the award-winning Metabolic Drive protein powder. Shakes, smoothies, cookies, bread, whatever you've tried.


Post questions about how to use the most effective supplements to maximize your performance and recovery from intense training here.


Ask questions about strategic and safe ways to boost energy throughout the day.

Diet and Fat Loss

Post here for advice to coordinate your nutrition and supplementation to deliver the most effective fat loss results.


Post questions about eating and supplementing for improved health. Everything from trying to boost your immune system to enhancing sleep quality.

Testosterone Support

Post questions to find out how to boost Testosterone and GH levels naturally, through smart nutrition and safe, effective, (and legal) supplements. For men and women.

Dead-Squat Bar

Post questions, comments, and reviews of the unique Dead-Squat bar.